King Arthur: Knight's Tale - X-HOMM from Neocore

I went ahead and got it. Seems like it may be pretty cool.

It is pretty nifty, and lends itself well to the ironman style of playing (even features a Roguelite mode, which only allows autosaves). It’s an interesting mix of Darkest Dungeon and classic squad level TBS.

edit: Also, Balin is stupidly overpowered compared to my other heroes at this point.

I just started last night and have really enjoyed it, but it gradually slowed to annoying crawl. And it may have been said before and I may be missing something, but you cannot save in the middle of a mission. The graphics slowdown became so unbearable, I just quit after completing one of several battles in a mission.

The cutscenes and dialog are pretty good. I like the small bit of base building and morality chart and the tactical battles and character abilities. However, I am only 4 hours in. That is how long I played until the slowdowns made me go to bed.

EDIT Just restarted the mission I was on. It said I was in the cursed mist and saving was temporarily disabled, but your progress is being saved.

EDIT II: The restart fixed the problems I was having.

Shit. I’ve started playing the tutorial yesterday. With 2 kids, sometimes I can only play 5 minutes.

Just now I had these 5 minutes and I while playing the very first mission you choose in the map after the tutorial, while in combat I tried to save and I could’t, the button was greyed out. And no save on exit neither.

I will be able to save mid-combat in more lengthy fights? In these kind of games some fights can last more than 30 minutes.

If the answer is no, I’ll have to refund. I can understand no save on combat, but a save on exit is mandatory. What a shame.

Ok so i picked this up on the Steam sale, started a game on Normal but I’m wondering if I should have gone up a level on the difficulty. I’ve played about 30 minutes, made it far enough to get a 4th party member and I’ve yet to take a single point of damage in the 5-6 battles I’ve played. Is that normal? Is this still the “tutorial”? It seems my armor is negating all the damage as every enemy hits for 1-2 points and the armor seems to block 5. Sometimes a hit doesn’t even remove a point of armor and just seems to do nothing. Is this a bug? Do I need to start over?

I edited my post almost immediately as it was mission specific as to why ot was not saving.

Yeah, Normal has not been much of a challenge, but I’m going to keep at it, mostly because I am enjoying myself. And get a couple of injuries on a couple troops and things can change.

The game is balanced around the “hard” difficulty. I’m generally not one who plays games on hard difficulty levels, but I definitely found this one too easy on normal.

Can you change the difficulty once you’ve started a campaign or do you have to start all over?

You can change it mid-campaign.

Thanks I’ll give that a shot

I’m assuming I’ll be not able to save during combat.

How long last a combat? 5 minutes? 15 minutes? More than 1 hour?

About 5 mins. You can also speed up turns.

That is perfect then! I was afraid the combats last a lot more.

This is making a good first impression. On hard, the battles have provided a good amount of tension without getting too difficult right off the bat. I like how they are drip feeding some new characters into the mix. The characters feel different too.

I’ve been playing this quite a bit - I have 2 5 level side missions and a level 6 main mission on the map. I have 5 fifth level knights, 2 level 4 and 1 level 3. Playing on hard difficulty I feel I need to do the side missions or my guys won’t be leveled enough and I need the resources. I don’t take too much vitality damage on most missions, but every once in a while a battle can be particularly tough. Every once in a while I need to heal a wound or put someone in the apothecary for some healing.

So I’m stuck on the level 3 side mission in the lost woods (the one you can’t save in the middle of). I’m playing on hard and this mission is kicking my ass. I put Mordred in the hospital to heal up prior to this mission so I only have 3 heroes going in and I’m wondering if I really should have all 4. There are so many fights with so many dudes I just get whittled down over time and eventually one of my heroes dies. And since you can’t save mid-mission this means starting over from scratch each time which is very frustrating. Any tips?

Hmm, there was one mission I only took 3 because of an injury - but I don’t recall which one. Were you fully stocked with healing potions? Also sometimes it is better to repair armor that to heal at camp sites because the armor seems to reduce a lot of damage, especially from enemies that don’t hit as hard.

Maybe try to make sure you don’t wade into where a lot of enemies can attack you and use overwatch to whittle them down? Once I play a mission it gets purged from my brain, so I don’t recall a lot of details once I move on.

I think it is wise to develop another tank on your bench; to fill in when injuries strike.

Sometimes I even bring 3 on a mission - Mordrid, Balan and Key. Dindraine is my first choice for a ranged unit and Ector my second. Those ranged ones are nice to pick off enemy ranged or the enemies that revive.

Yeah this mission is pretty early so I have Balan and Kay for melee (with mordred in the hospital) and Dindraine for ranged but you get Ector during the mission. Maybe I’ll try fixing armor instead of healing.