King Arthur: Knight's Tale - X-HOMM from Neocore

Pretty much where I’m at with it; put it on my Steam wishlist and waiting for a sale.

So I think this is a fairly good design but it’s crashed on me a few times. Anyone else having issues? No real warning, just crash. Not a total hard lockup that F’s with the PC, just a game crash. Performance has been adequate.

Smaller install coming!

roughly 70GB less space, on your disk.

And major update!

Same as sime of you, if this is on the Steam Summer Sale, I will not be able to stay away.

35% off currently

That’ll probably do it.

Anyone play this recently? Some complaints on Steam about bugs and performance, but maybe they have low end computers.

@geewhiz mentioned it in the Game of the Month thread…

I’m in the camp of those who wanted to like this but our stopped playing due to bugs and performance issues. My rig is well above the minimum but slightly below the recommended setting and it became unplayable around level 4 or so - display glitches, stuttering and crashes galore.

I’m waiting to hear of a major stability and performance patch before trying further

Performance is perfectly fine @ 1440p, RTX 3060 TI.

I havent had any problems playing:

AMD Ryzen 5800x 8-Core
RTX 3070

So you folks are both well above the recommended level - that may be the issue - that the recommended settings are really the minimum

I went ahead and got it. Seems like it may be pretty cool.

It is pretty nifty, and lends itself well to the ironman style of playing (even features a Roguelite mode, which only allows autosaves). It’s an interesting mix of Darkest Dungeon and classic squad level TBS.

edit: Also, Balin is stupidly overpowered compared to my other heroes at this point.

I just started last night and have really enjoyed it, but it gradually slowed to annoying crawl. And it may have been said before and I may be missing something, but you cannot save in the middle of a mission. The graphics slowdown became so unbearable, I just quit after completing one of several battles in a mission.

The cutscenes and dialog are pretty good. I like the small bit of base building and morality chart and the tactical battles and character abilities. However, I am only 4 hours in. That is how long I played until the slowdowns made me go to bed.

EDIT Just restarted the mission I was on. It said I was in the cursed mist and saving was temporarily disabled, but your progress is being saved.

EDIT II: The restart fixed the problems I was having.

Shit. I’ve started playing the tutorial yesterday. With 2 kids, sometimes I can only play 5 minutes.

Just now I had these 5 minutes and I while playing the very first mission you choose in the map after the tutorial, while in combat I tried to save and I could’t, the button was greyed out. And no save on exit neither.

I will be able to save mid-combat in more lengthy fights? In these kind of games some fights can last more than 30 minutes.

If the answer is no, I’ll have to refund. I can understand no save on combat, but a save on exit is mandatory. What a shame.

Ok so i picked this up on the Steam sale, started a game on Normal but I’m wondering if I should have gone up a level on the difficulty. I’ve played about 30 minutes, made it far enough to get a 4th party member and I’ve yet to take a single point of damage in the 5-6 battles I’ve played. Is that normal? Is this still the “tutorial”? It seems my armor is negating all the damage as every enemy hits for 1-2 points and the armor seems to block 5. Sometimes a hit doesn’t even remove a point of armor and just seems to do nothing. Is this a bug? Do I need to start over?

I edited my post almost immediately as it was mission specific as to why ot was not saving.

Yeah, Normal has not been much of a challenge, but I’m going to keep at it, mostly because I am enjoying myself. And get a couple of injuries on a couple troops and things can change.

The game is balanced around the “hard” difficulty. I’m generally not one who plays games on hard difficulty levels, but I definitely found this one too easy on normal.

Can you change the difficulty once you’ve started a campaign or do you have to start all over?