King Arthur: Knight's Tale - X-HOMM from Neocore

Ok so i picked this up on the Steam sale, started a game on Normal but I’m wondering if I should have gone up a level on the difficulty. I’ve played about 30 minutes, made it far enough to get a 4th party member and I’ve yet to take a single point of damage in the 5-6 battles I’ve played. Is that normal? Is this still the “tutorial”? It seems my armor is negating all the damage as every enemy hits for 1-2 points and the armor seems to block 5. Sometimes a hit doesn’t even remove a point of armor and just seems to do nothing. Is this a bug? Do I need to start over?

I edited my post almost immediately as it was mission specific as to why ot was not saving.

Yeah, Normal has not been much of a challenge, but I’m going to keep at it, mostly because I am enjoying myself. And get a couple of injuries on a couple troops and things can change.

The game is balanced around the “hard” difficulty. I’m generally not one who plays games on hard difficulty levels, but I definitely found this one too easy on normal.

Can you change the difficulty once you’ve started a campaign or do you have to start all over?

You can change it mid-campaign.

Thanks I’ll give that a shot

I’m assuming I’ll be not able to save during combat.

How long last a combat? 5 minutes? 15 minutes? More than 1 hour?

About 5 mins. You can also speed up turns.

That is perfect then! I was afraid the combats last a lot more.

This is making a good first impression. On hard, the battles have provided a good amount of tension without getting too difficult right off the bat. I like how they are drip feeding some new characters into the mix. The characters feel different too.

I’ve been playing this quite a bit - I have 2 5 level side missions and a level 6 main mission on the map. I have 5 fifth level knights, 2 level 4 and 1 level 3. Playing on hard difficulty I feel I need to do the side missions or my guys won’t be leveled enough and I need the resources. I don’t take too much vitality damage on most missions, but every once in a while a battle can be particularly tough. Every once in a while I need to heal a wound or put someone in the apothecary for some healing.

So I’m stuck on the level 3 side mission in the lost woods (the one you can’t save in the middle of). I’m playing on hard and this mission is kicking my ass. I put Mordred in the hospital to heal up prior to this mission so I only have 3 heroes going in and I’m wondering if I really should have all 4. There are so many fights with so many dudes I just get whittled down over time and eventually one of my heroes dies. And since you can’t save mid-mission this means starting over from scratch each time which is very frustrating. Any tips?

Hmm, there was one mission I only took 3 because of an injury - but I don’t recall which one. Were you fully stocked with healing potions? Also sometimes it is better to repair armor that to heal at camp sites because the armor seems to reduce a lot of damage, especially from enemies that don’t hit as hard.

Maybe try to make sure you don’t wade into where a lot of enemies can attack you and use overwatch to whittle them down? Once I play a mission it gets purged from my brain, so I don’t recall a lot of details once I move on.

I think it is wise to develop another tank on your bench; to fill in when injuries strike.

Sometimes I even bring 3 on a mission - Mordrid, Balan and Key. Dindraine is my first choice for a ranged unit and Ector my second. Those ranged ones are nice to pick off enemy ranged or the enemies that revive.

Yeah this mission is pretty early so I have Balan and Kay for melee (with mordred in the hospital) and Dindraine for ranged but you get Ector during the mission. Maybe I’ll try fixing armor instead of healing.

Seriously thinking about picking this one up, but when I checked some video reviews, they claimed the game is far too repetitive. Those of you who have played far into the game, do you feel this is a problem?

I suppose that ant tactical game could feel repetitive especially if you play a lot of them.

I think there is a lot of replay value due to the Morality factor. Playing different Morality choices gives you access to different characters that play very differently. It is a lot of fun trying out different characters and teams.

It is a turn based tactical that is very well done and if you like those types of games you will probably like this. YMMV

I can see it getting somewhat repetitive if they don’t change up the enemies much as I progress. I’ve got about 20 hours in the game and have enjoyed it. I’m still going. I’ll usually play a mission, which plays out on a map with several battles. I’ll usually play a mission or 2 and then feel like I need to do something else. In the early ones I probably played 3 or 4 missions in a row.

So far the key here (in addition to what other said about the unique heroes and branching choices that yield different morality rewards) is every mission has been unique - they aren’t like XCOM style with 5 or 6 types of missions, but rather every one has been a hand-crafted tale that usually features a hero in some way, so if the setting grabs you, that will carry you further than strictly tactical combat would. That said, the combat is really good so far (I’m only doing level 4-5 missions and am maybe 3-4 hours into the game, so it could be this changes).