King Kong Demo Released

Gamespot premieres it:

Hope it’s any good. Downloading now but don’t have time to play it atm. Impressions?

Its a movie tie in game, so don’t expect too much. However if you have a modern card (like an ati x800 or Nvidia 6800 or higher) the game looks really pretty.

Heh well if it turns out to be good I want that “WOOOOO!” picture to be posted immediately :)

Someone else will have to take up the WOOOO! mantle on this. My King Kong demo experience:

Ran demo. Set quality settings. Reboot to continue. Rerun demo, settings are okay, play. Blank screen with music. The music’s an important bit, inasmuch as the music is composed of sound, that is emerging from my speakers, that I can hear. I want to stress that–audible sound.

The blank screen remains blank, however. Then I fall back to desktop with an error popup that says–and this is why I stress all the sound business up yonder–“unable to initialize sound card.”


I played a bit of it. Pretty cool. Seems like it would benefit from keyboard&mouse for the FPS and a gamepad for the Kong parts. Wish I had a better PC as I kept it to 800x600. Still looked pretty good though with nice effects.

Except that it’s a movie tie-in game from Michel Ancel, of Beyond Good & Evil and Rayman fame.

Ok I beat it in like 10 mins. Talk about a teaser. Anyways it was fun. I like some of the touches like the using logic to distract the dino and never seeing any ammo/health/crosshairs. I also like how everything goes slow and this soft movie music plays when you’re a hair from death. heh. Kong fights were button mashing fun with the mouse. Maybe I’ll rent the 360 version.

Just a heads-up for those of you who hate this sort of thing… The demo uses StarForce. (Nice to see a warning “this demo may screw up your firewall” right on the download page…)

I have Starforce on my system already thanks to Space Rangers 2, but I’m always nervous that something that updates Starforce might trash my system.

I didn’t notice the Starforce thing until I’d already installed the game, what horrors exactly should I expect?

Why the hell do you need to put Starforce on a demo you’re giving away free for the download?

Crackers can start their work with the “clean” exe.

I rather enjoyed the demo. Fending off the T-Rex as a human was tense, and encouraging you to use weapons not in your direct possession was good too (found this out after using up both my magazines and getting eaten). Playing as King Kong was a blast, especially fighting with the raptors; “I’M KING KONG, MOTHERFUCKERS!”

The game is obviously made for consoles, what with the mouse being laggy and the viewpoint resetting to the center position with any chance that came (as human/FPS). Fighting the T-Rex’s was a bit difficult (as Kong/Third Person). I’d be interested in playing this with a gamepad, so I might pick it up for the XBox360 at some point (after hearing more word-of-mouth opinions).

Well that was short and…um…kinda sweet.
I can absolutely see myself picking up this for the Xbox, as my PC is lagging seriously behind the times and buying a new one is just out of the question for the moment.