King Kong DVD, now with an extra half hour of scenes

No… what the movie needs is a half hour less.

Just for accuracy’s sake- it’s only 13 minutes of new footage incorporated into the m ovie. The rest are in the deleted scenes section.

“Now with extra tap-dancing!”

I actually really liked Kong, but holy hell, even I think the last thing it needed was to be longer.

I could use more T-Rex fighting and less building climbing. What scenes were added?

Probably more “emotional attachment” scenes to ya know flesh out the characters more.

Actually I’ve heard the T-Rex fight is now longer, and there’s more stuff in the bug pit.

I think the alternate “Ape Escape” ending from the video game should be a hidden option on the DVD. Or maybe something halfway between a happy and sad ending, like a caged King Kong floating out to sea. (“Sniff… It’s so unfair! Just because he’s different…”)

A couple of alternate endings, maybe a song or two from Jack Black, and I’d be sold.

Maybe I’ll rent/torrent it then - the bug pit was the only interesting part of the movie, and even it was overindulgent.

I’ve heard that almost all of the additional footage is action scenes on Skull Island.

I’d kill, or at least wound severely, for that German captain’s cap. Best damn fleshed-out supportive role in a Jackson film. Felt like a mix of Bernard Prince, an old-fashioned adventure novel and Jürgen Prüchnow in Das Boot.
Bug pit and T-Rex fight is a good example of why computer engineers shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near film sets.

  • Any ideas about the T-Rex scene? I wanna do something cool to really pay homage to the 30’s original.
  • Sure Pete. But we have some ideas. Instead of fighting just one T-Rex we thought Kong should fight three.
  • OK, cool.
  • While falling down an abyssal cliff and juggling the heroine.

I thought the t-rex fight scene was pretty much the best part of the movie. And yes, I did like the movie overall.

I’m going to be wierd and say my favourite part of the film was the opening half-hour or so in the city.

That’s only acceptable if you walked out at that point.

That would be fine if anything in the first hour of the film actually ended up paying off at the end other than in some vague “emotional” way, and, you know, tap dancing.

I’m still shocked by the way that the entire crew sub-plot was discarded the moment they left the island. All that work and all we get are a few knowing looks at the Kong premiere. It’s doubly annoying since Denham had made all these remarks about paying off the families of those killed. That could have led to at least some business beyond “monkey escape, ice dancing, monkey die”.

And made the movie another half-an-hour longer? I think not. And the movie isn’t about the crew and it’s not even about Denham: It’s about Kong and his relationship to whazzername. That’s what the movie focuses on after they meet, and that’s how it ought to be.

You could have started the movie with everyone boarding the boat and still have gotten all that in.