King of Fighters XIII

I just picked this up today, and it looks really good.

The biggest problem with XII was the netcode, so after unlocking Billy (I still haven’t figured out how to unlock Saiki), I went online for a bit, got stomped by folks who knew more then I did from arcade.

That said: 3 bars and above the online is more than good enough, I’d say the netcode is SFIV quality, so it’s safe to get.

The drive cancels in the game are very strict on timing: I thought it would be like Hakumen in Blazblue but it’s much harder.

I’m currently playing this on PS3: PSN is ArchdukeAlstein if you want someone pretty bad to beat up on right now.

Wait what, there’s 13? How come I haven’t heard of it?

More than 13, actually. It’s one of the longest-running fighting series in existence.

The series , if you count the games it spawned from, are as old as SF2.

It’s pretty much the soccer of the genre though- popular everywhere but the US, though XIII has drawn some people.

This game’s inputs are strict and the game is fast though, so I don’t know if it’s for everyone.

I meant KOF 13, not 13 in total.
12 was hyped to hell and back, and then it sucked to hell and back.
But I didn’t hear about 13 coming out at all.

Clearly you don’t attend many fighting game tournaments. It has been very heavily promoted within the community.

True that. It’s been long time.
Lackluster ending, IMHO. I was hoping K’ or Kyo would fry Ash proper instead of this poop dramaqueen martyr shtick. Although I have to admit that’s some blind siding with the writing, doubt anyone expected that.

There are a ton of fighting games coming out and I have to restrain myself from buying them all or I’ll end up like I did with the Dreamcast - a bunch of fighting games I never played because I don’t really like fighting games that much.

The market is being overglutted, but I think there are some must-buys still: Personally, I think right now these will be the keepers for next year.

Soul Calibur V- the character creator alone will make this worthwhile.

Skullgirls (January, PSN/XBLA)- the art direction in this will make it worthwhile

VF 5 Final Showdown (next August, PSN/XBLA)- the most mentally challenging fighter out there, and its character customization is almost as good as SCV’s. It also looks great.

Two of those titles are budget PSN/XBLA titles, the PSN/XBLA titles should both have excellent netplay as well.

Virtua Fighter 5 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Also, Skullgirls does not have good art direction >:(

I’ll probably just go with UMvC3.

You don’t like it?

Anyway, the fact that Skullgirls is being released on XBLA and will presumably have DLC instead of entire new versions makes it worthy of your support. I don’t know why, but fight games apparently have to be dragged kicking and screaming into modern times and it falls to each and every one of us to support Skullgirls in its noble effort to do so.

Fighting game fans are some of the worst grognards in any genre- I can’t think of any other genre where change is hated more.

The only worse ones I can think of are the NMA/RPG Codex crowd, but they only represent a small subset of RPG fans. The proportion of fighting game fans who are like that is much, much higher.

I would like to check out KoF eventually, but with AE2012 coming out soon, I’m willing to wait for a price drop. There are also a bunch of other fighting games I’m looking forward to playing more than this (UMvC3, Skullgirls, Soul Calibur, SFxT), so it might be a while until I give it a go.

Really? I’d say it’s pretty much universal fanbois of ANYTHING.
As you’ve said, it’s a subset of the fandom. But that’s the loudest, most vicious and dubiously ‘loyal’, core.

I’m not sure I see the advantage of DLC, it just fractures your community and forces any sort of organizers to have all of the DLC because possibly some player somewhere might actually use that one character nobody else uses.

Either full upgrades (a la SSF4:AE) and/or full releases at discounted prices (UMvC3) I think is a great way to go. I think Capcom has that figured out now as their DLC characters for MvC3 was pretty much a bust.

Honestly I think Skullgirls is going to be a miss, people want it to succeed and it’s got a whole lot of community support but I just don’t think it’s going to be able to compete with SF, MvC or MK.

Also, I too am not a fan of their art direction.

One thing I got to say: the bonus soundtrack is awesome if you’re an oldschool KOF fan.