King of the Road

Uh, isn’t King of the Road an old Roger Miller song?

I Walked the Line, A Boy Named Sue, Ring of Fire, Folsom Prison Blues… if he did King of the Road, it was a cover, like his awesome Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Here’s a fun pic of the Man in Black.

Johnny Cash was only 70? He had looked like 70 for about the last 20 years. Must be the cigarettes…


A googling of Johnny Cash and that song title returns no covers by The Man In Black, either…

He was into hard livin’ with drugs and booze until his mid-30’s also.

And beyond. JR – one of the interesting facts in the obits was that he really wasn’t named John, he was just given initials at birth and he signed JR for his name right to the end as you can see in liner notes – fell off the wagon a few times right into the 1980s.

He actually looked great in 1990, according to the TV obits I watched. But he aged a good 30 years between 1990 and 1996, and the last seven years he zoomed right off the charts. He looked around 95 when he died. The Parkinson’s and that other odd ailment he had really took a lot out of him, especially combined with the diabetes.

Well, this is at least not a unique error. I remember some relatively small number of years ago I was sure that King of the Road was a Johnny Cash song anf mentioned it to some C+W fan as one of the few such songs I like, but was quickly informed that I had no idea what I was talking about…

At the White Stripes concert, Jack White read “I Got Stripes.” That was pretty cool.

When I was less than 9 years old, my family took driving trips to Southern California and such. We grew up on what I now call “Trucker music” which is that kind of “on the road” western music like the Oak Ridge Boys, Johnny Cash, Arlo, Roger Miller, and so on. Forgive my extreme indolence in attributing the wrong song to the right person. It was over 20 years ago.

Anyways it sucks that JC died; as almost half of the posts in this thread so far have vaguely alluded to. :cry:

After a bit of listening on the drive back from CA with my new car, I can safely say Cash so totally rules.