Kingdom Come Deliverance II: masterclass in how to do a videogame reveal

While I agree, I have this problem more with Ubi-style open worlds (most recently Horizon FW) that have lot of copy/paste content.

Witcher 3, KCD or RDR2 are behemoths that I was sad whent they ended, because there was very little copy/paste and nearly all of their quests and storylines were engaging. Hopefully that will still be the case here.

Fairly extensive preview by, who got to play the game a bit:
A snippet

“We chose Kutná Hora because the city historically fits our story better. King Wenceslas established his coinage and treasury there. Sigismund, the antagonist of our game, also besieged the city in real life. The city is also linked in some ways to the story of the first part. Although Kutná Hora was the second largest city after Prague, in some aspects it was even more important to the kingdom.”

There are secrets hidden throughout the metropolis, Prokop Jirsa confirms to me, but I’m not expecting a Ubisoft formula: question marks don’t hover over any of the residents, not every secret is connected to any quest, immersion is the absolute guiding principle of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.

I wonder how they are going to handle Henry’s skill level at the start.

If I’m back to being a flailing wet noodle instead of a seasoned dour hand, I’m going to be pissed.

Amnesia for sure!

Curious if the combat will be better. I enjoyed everything but the combat in the first.

I love the bit about praying to God not to let themselves blow their asses off. Nifty.

Yeah, that’s always a bit of a problem. Maybe he’ll be imprisoned for a good while? Or some similar kind of trauma, and then have to “rebuild” his skills? I guess we’ll see.

I do apologize for the following joke:

… but how did they miss not calling it Kingdom Came?

Yeah Dan says in the interview I posted above that the new game follows the first one like two days after the first one ended. But given the scenes from jail in the trailer, I would not be surprised if that happened in the prologue and was used to somewhat rein in Henry’s skills.

All the brain damage from chugging Saviour Schnapps for months non-stop caught up to him.

That’d be amazing explanation for it tbh

Oh man, this looks ridiculous, can’t wait. I still need to finish the DLCs in the first one, finished the campaign once and loved it.

@Paul_cze have you ever used head/eye tracking in KC? I tried Tobii briefly on default settings and it seemed to actually make the game worse lol.

Nope, I do not have that. Didn’t even know the game supported it.

Kingdom Come : Delivered
The box art is just an off-center picture of a package leaning against the castle portcullis.

They should call it KC: And the Sunshine Band

Gal from Vortex added english subtitles to their warhorse interviews

Into my veins!!

However, I’m highly skeptical on a 2024 release. My prediction is they’ll delay until Q4 2025, then delay again until sometime in 2026.

I’m also super happy that Hans Capon and Father Godwin are back!!

Oh well, back to picking nettles for half an hour then.

Sssshhhhh, the PC dev gods might hear you!!