Kingdom Come Deliverance II: masterclass in how to do a videogame reveal

Looks like they might skip time at some point. Henry looks older and more filled out. Mid to late 30s?

Some info from an interview with lead technical designer (and my favourite czech stand-up comedian) Viktor Bocan:

  • The only thing Viktor remembers from the reveal shoot was the cold.
    - KCD2 is the continuation of the story. They had the whole story planned out when they announced the Kickstarter campaign, but they could not fit it all into the first game.
    - Kuttenberg was and is an incredible challenge. There are a lot of NPCs that can meet and make the GPU cry (Viktor’s exact words). They had to create systems like “If there are too many NPCs in the main square, the rest of the NPCs have to go somewhere else”.
    - There are also random events in the urban environment. NPCs arguing, criminals in the pillory, and NPCs throwing period correct fruits and vegetables.
    - The 1st map is a classic KCD landscape with Trosky Castle in the middle. After some story events you move to the 2nd map, but you are free to go back whenever you want. 2nd map is bigger with Kuttenberg at the bottom right of the map.
    - Many fortresses and many battles.
    - Viktor admits that the battle sequences are ambitious, mainly due to performance limitations. They serve as a break from the “normal” gameplay loop and show the medieval reality.
    - They have new technology that allows for more NPCs in a battle. Battles should also have more phases.
    - No comment on whether Henry can swim or climb rocks. (By Viktor laughing during the answer, my bet is you cannot)
    - Henry won’t hit his head and forget all his skills from the first game, but there will be some kind of mechanism. Also the main narrative is that Henry was really good in the small region of the first game but now he is in a much bigger world and his skills need to get better to compete.
    - The combat is deeper but much more accessible. They completely redesigned the Master Strike system because it degraded the combat in the first game.
    - They have essentially created 2 combat styles. You can either learn a complicated combat system and become a fast and agile swordsman, or you can just pick up an axe or mace with a shield and use brute force to beat up your opponents.
    - For the first game, they had motion captured 1 swordsman for all weapons. In KCD2, they used a different swordsman for each weapon, so each weapon has a different feel. They specifically told the axe and mace swordsmen not to fence, but to be brutal maniacs (exaggeration).
    - The halberd is a full-fledged weapon, and Viktor is very proud of it.
    - Viktor breaks the rule of not revealing anything that hasn’t been shown in a trailer and says that there will be a button to open and close the visor of the helmet.
    - Viktor is happy with all the weapons they have. The only exception is the flail, which would be a nightmare to physically simulate properly.
    - The layering of the clothing system is much better. It doesn’t visually bleed through as much and looks much more natural. Skirts wrap around NPC’s legs when they walk.
    - The herb picking animation is still there, you won’t see it as often as you did in the first game (whatever that means).
    - Cats are in the game. Apparently this is a guerrilla project by designers who made them without approval. Viktor says he doesn’t know what else they smuggled in.
    - Crossbows are something they wanted in the 1st game. Viktor says the mechanic is very simple, the longer the crossbow takes to charge, the stronger it is.
    - Still no crosshairs in KCD 2
    - Early Fire guns are very powerful, very heavy, and very loud. They can scare NPCs or your horse. If you shoot a deer with it, you probably won’t find a deer anywhere near it. it can fail and blow up in your face if you don’t maintain it.
    - Viktor describes the non-linearity of KCD. How you approach quests should be entirely up to you. Maybe there is something you need. You can steal it or bribe the guy to get it. You can wait for a guy who has it to go to work, then go to his house, find out his wife is still home, fire a gun outside to get her attention, and then go and steal it.
    - The game is finished, they plan to release it this year. The performance issues are the last thing they are trying to fix right now. Their best people are working on it, because everyone is.
    - Tereza is right where you left her and Viktor is not saying anything about which characters might return, wanting to keep that for the game.

  • The dog we see in the trailer is confirmed to be your companion. The system will be improved and he should be smarter and help you with stealth and combat.
    -Targeting system while fighting multiple enemies has been updated, it should not be as painful as in the first game.

    • Skirmishes have a new system where NPCs communicate with each other. If one NPC is in the way of a shot, the other NPC will shout at him and ask him to move.
    • Looks like the system of bringing your KCD1 decisions to KCD2 won’t be done by loading your KCD 1 save (impossible because of the new generation of consoles) but by dialog options in KCD 2, similar to Witcher.

In Witcher you could still transfer saves, so I don’t get what do they mean here.

If you did not have saves to transfer but wanted to transfer some decisions anyway, there was a dialogue with a barber in Witcher 3 where you could do that through dialogue choices.

Current beta of KCD2 runs at around 60fps in 4K native on very high preset on Ryzen 7800X3D and RTX 4080. Still about 5 months for optimization ahead though.

Main menu


That seems like a long time for optimization? Or is that normal these days? I was a little annoyed when it sounded like they were laughing off the performance issues, but they’re certainly putting some time and money into improving it.

I think he means that there are 5 months until release, so they can use a part or the whole of that time to optimize and fix stuff…?

Right, that seems lavish. Or maybe it’s standard these days, I don’t know. Either way it sounds promising.

I think e.g. Rockstar games come out so perfectly polished because they spend year, if not more, just optimizing and bugfixing. KCD2 will be a huge game and a nonlinear RPG with persistently simulated NPCs at that, this requires lot of time to get to a really polished state.

In KCD1 they could not delay anymore without going bankrupt, with KCD2 they can take the time. So I really hope it will be well polished at launch, without any unexpected gamebreakers.

Were there any gamebreakers in KCD1? I’ve actually been replaying it to get ready for the sequel and it’s just such a great experience. I do remember one game I was completely unable to sneak through the mines in the DLC, but overall I’ve found it stable, if quirky.

I didn’t play at launch so I did not experience these, but I remember there was one bug with infinite loading after some cutscene, and one utterly bizzare bug where whole villages were covered in halberds dropped by guards because they could not store them in their inventory after carrying torches.

Not only will they have to optimize on PC, but current gen consoles as well. whispers q4 2025

I jest. There aren’t many games I eagerly anticipate. This is top of list.

Well if it does bleed into 2025 then the thread title will have to be changed and that CANNOT happen.

According to Martin Frývaldský they specifically decided to announce the game when it is “ready or near ready for certification”. I would be really surprised by delay into 2025, although with games anything can happen of course.

Like if they announced release date on 10th December and then Rockstar would announce GTA6 for 10th December I would delay delay delay (or pull Larian and antidelay, although in Larian’s case that meant releasing BG3 when its Act 3 was very…questionable).

Quick derail: agreed on bg3 act 3. I played the game 1 and 2/3 times. 1st go around, act 3 felt underbaked, but I had to finish. 2nd time, I lost interest.

That’s why gamers with excellent taste finish BG3 in Act 2. :p Act 3 has a couple cool segments. Several arena boss fights but has a rude opening and the town crawl can be a total slog.

Few magazine covers (first pic is mine, Level and Score are czech mags with 30+ years of uninterrupted issuance, how cool is that? second pic is german Gamestar)

Oh, man, I remember those!

So, @paul_cz or anyone else, I have an odd question. Are game titles not translated into other languages? I’m looking at those covers with their Czech language blurbs, but all the game titles are in English. Do publishers not localize game titles??? I mean, I guess it makes sense and it’s more practical in many ways, but it never occurred to me Kingdom Come: Deliverance would be known among Czech, German, Japanese, Brazlian, and Ecuadorian players as anything other than those three words translated into their native languages.

Anyway, I can’t believe this never occurred to me, especially since movie titles seem to be so malleable. I guess game titles are like air traffic controllers, subject to the hegemony of English? : )