Kingdom Come Deliverance II: masterclass in how to do a videogame reveal

Sounds great. That combat did need an overhaul given how much trouble that lad got into :)

Few slides from a talk Martin Klíma gave today at Game Access conference in Brno (he followed after Warren Spector btw)

Heh, love the “418% [more] bugs” metric. Kudos for being that open with all of the details about the code. Looks like they were having some fun with the challenges of making a huge game.

You know you’ve made it big when Warren Spector is opening for you!

Modern day

concept art

in game

I guess not much need for crenelations in the 21st century, eh?

Cool pics, very impressive.

That’s the Putin disinformation network at work.

Hahaha so good

Heh, very well done indeed.

Here’s the Cliffs someone posted on the KCD subreddit.

6:23 The accidents will be cooler.

10:01 Henry was given a letter to deliver it to a possible ally against Sigismund but player will not be asking directly but there will be intrigue involved.

18:23 It’s very likely they’ll release a DLC for KCD2 but it’s more a thinking as of the moment.

24:36 Next gen update of KCD1 will likely not be happening.

31:52 Tournaments are back.

33:15 Jousting is not happening.

34:25/36:29 Polearms will be properly implemented.

Tobi also said there are less zones of attack for axes, not sure if he meant directions like head, arms and legs or it was more of a combo thing where you can hit somebody directly into face or their weakspots.

38:06 You’ll be able to smith a horseshoe.

38:10 You won’t be mining resources needed for smithing, but you’ll come by materials.

38:55 There isn’t any save crossover.

People will ask how certain events happened, so imagine they’re asking you how you find out about Limpy Lubosh, did you spend the night with Godwin, or did you acquire that information otherwise.

There’s gonna be a combat practice optional.

42:10 Henry is haunted by nightmares and these will tell you the bare minimum about KCD1, like your parents died, Hans is your friend, this is your task.

Tobi isn’t voicing anyone in KCD2.

46:17 There are more animals in general. They were talking about dogs attacking Henry.

48:20 Game is finished. They’re working on optimizing.

52:03 Hardcore mode is under construction. They’re still thinking how and when to implement it.

54:30 They’re still considering the best release date.

KCD2 demo won’t be happening.

58:55 Henry will need friends to push him towards the same goals, so he will not be so alone. Henry will also be able to play alone, so companionship is possibly gonna be connected to quests.

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I sure hope they’re able to get hardcore mode implemented in time for release.

Realistically, upon release, I doubt it’ll be bug-free. After a few patches and rebalancing, might be better to implement hc mode (which I will not playing).

Honestly if it’s not there on release, I will postpone my playing until it’s there.

What was hardcore mode? Something about saving?

detailed description is here

Personally I did not find the game too difficult with it, but definitely more immersive especially due to enhanced navigation (no GPS) so I want to play the sequel the same way.

Definitely not for me. Especially considering the combat was so opaque and saves limited.