Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Latest trailer:

From Warhorse, people behind Mafia/Operation Flashpoint, mostly.
Best looking first person melee combat yet, I can’t wait. Alpha version should receive an update later this month that will feature some of the combat and bigger slice of the world.

You made this(Somewhat misnamed now) thread as well ;-)

I know, but thread about a game that lacks the game’s name in a title is pretty useless, hence this new one.
The combat teaser looks so good, I figured why not create it now.

I can’t tell very much about the game, but hopefully it will be mount and blade with really good graphics crossed with dark souls combat. I would also like a real magic system as well.

No magic. This is a real world medieval RPG, not a fantasy game.

Based on the title I assume there’s a side quest to make Ned Beatty squeal like a pig.

I’m not an expert or anything, but two guys in full plate hitting each other with swords looks pretty dumb when the blows are just clanging off the armor like that. I was under the impression that plated knights going toe to toe was done either with hammers or maces, or if swords were used, the fighting was all thrusts and trying to pierce the joints.

Everything I’ve found informally seems to agree with this.

Half swording and swinging the sword with the blade like a hammer would be the most common.

You can’t cut plate armor.

New E3 trailer is out, game continues looking great

I’m looking forward to this. I’m hoping it will scratch the same kind of itch M&B does.

I still think that real-world scale will equate to lots of empty space…

Good thing they cut out lot of that empty space…

Here is extensive demo of the upcoming tech alpha build

Only if they choose not to fill it. Do you really think they’ll over look that?

Saw this demo last night at the Warhorse party, running off a laptop on a huge screen TV. It looks and sounds impressive. They use real NASA orbital data to create the terrain map. So you’re actually walking around a field near a village outside of Prague. The developer narrating said that if you were to go to that area you’d recognize it. The vegetation is different, but the terrain is accurate. There’s weather and time of day and fancy physics. When the player moved out into a field, the tall blades of grass parted for him and you could see the realistic star field. I’m a sucker for real data driving the experience.

Well I haven’t followed it closely, but yes, that’s my fear. I’m going to watch that video when I can.

They have a pretty small team so it’s a very real possibility. Maybe not overlook, but left emtpy on purpose.

Took a few screens from the new alpha:

screens, lot of them

The combat is pretty damn interesting, with some learning curve.

Nice new video about the combat system:

I can’t believe how much collective time humanity has spent trying to make sword combat work in a game. A lot of them appear to be doing the exact same stuff as well. Someone should just corner the market and make a proper ‘sword combat’ middleware or something ;)

How does their system handle massive melee crushes, like shown right at the start of the video? Is it simply for 1v1?

ps: A lot of those clips they showed, e.g. at 1:54 or 1:57, are youtube videos I think I was watching yesterday! :)

(That’s just a search page, because I have no idea which exact video they used, as I watched a lot, but you get the jist.)