Kingdom Come: Deliverance

What are you struggling with, specifically?

Currently? Getting away from the magyars who burned my village. I managed to get on a horse and run, but was gravely wounded and ended up glitches in some brambles. That was the most successful of about ten attempts.

Ouch. That took me about 5 attempts. You just have to manage the horse’s stamina effectively and run towards Talmberk which Henry gives directions to. Before you get on the horse, you do not have to fight any cumans to help Theresa, it is enough to whistle which distracts them as well.

Made it out. Found I needed to hold the stick forward. Drive a horse like a helicopter that lacks a trim. Huh.

Game is still pretty railroaded but I can sense its about to open up. It’s great. I love the attention to detail in how the people look.

Speaking of looks, are there tricks I can pull to make it looks little grubbier. It’s all very clean and high Res. I have all settings on very high, ultra made the thing unstable to the point of throwing a blue screen!

Oh yeah. To run horse as quickly as possible you must press B twice and then hold the analogue stick up. And there are many horses in the game, some are lightning quick, I love how differentiated they are.

The railroad will be over once you get to Rattay mill through the story. I assume you have a task now to escape from Talmberk to bury your parents, so after that.

Not sure what you mean about the grubby looks. But yeah ultra is very demanding and for future hardware, even with 2080Ti I had only half the stuff at ultra, the other half at very high.

No i don’t think the game looks grubby, it looks too clean.

“He must be a king.”
“How do you know?”
“He hasn’t got shit all over him.”

But what does that mean? Like, you want some grain in the picture, or camera lens dirt like in Witcher? Suffice to say I disagree about those .)

Yeah perhaps, or some more noise in the textures. It all looks very clean and plasticy on my screen. Perhaps I should just lower the res a whole lot and let that distort it a little, I don’t know.

Edit: I fixed quite a bit of it by turning on motion blur (I usually turn that off because I hate the effect when overdone) and TXAA. This put in a few layers of texture softening and blurring that makes the game look ace.

I stole from the guys who took me in, makes me feel like an asshole, but I needed to get out, so yeah.

Oh yeah the SMAA 2TX is a must, also to get the foliage look much less shimmery. Although I still used downsampling to get even better image quality.

I am sure they will get over it .)
So, soon you should finally make it out of the prologue.

I am on a quest to help a dude with red hair. Has me meet and fight two bandits. I can take one, not two. Redid the fight all afternoon. Just couldn’t take 'em.

Fighting is not making much sense to me so far. I’m not feeling the rhythm and the flow of it yet. Got any tricks to landing blows?

Scan lines dude

Huh? Wha?

If there isn’t a strict time limit, do the fight > midnight. You can often sneak into bandit camps and catch them with their armor off and their weapons put away when they are asleep.

Any more hints on what the quest is? Maybe the name of the quest you’re on?

Just started playing this yesterday. Wow. Conversations that actually sound like real people speaking. Why can’t Bethesda write dialog like this?

Combat mechanics are so rough, though. Playing on Xbox One. Hope it gets smoother along the way. Using the same stick to control the camera and direction of your blows is pretty stupid.

Those bandits are hard. I did what espressojim recommends. Waited until night, sneaked into the camp, killed one in his sleep (suffocated him) and the other one woke up, but was without his armor so I was able to kill him as well.
As for combat improvement, what helps is training with captain Bernard. Even with wooden weapons it increases your combat skill when training with him.

You start as a guy who knows nothing about combat, so yeah as you unlock new moves and increase your skills, the combat gets much smoother. I only had an issue with the lock-in where it is a bit unwieldy to unlock when fighting multiple opponents, but it was manageable.

I think you’re talking about the two bandits threatening the charcoal burners looking for the lad from the stables. Waiting until nighttime is good advice but you can also poison their food. They are gone during the day, so walk into camp, dump poison into the pot over the fire and just wait until evening. They come back, eat and (depending on poison) either die or are so weak they are easily defeated.

Blunt weapon solves all the problems, trust me.

Good to know!

I snuck up onto the bandits in the night. They still put up a fight, in their pyamas! I managed to win tho, now I have just learned to read lol.