Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Just started playing this yesterday. Wow. Conversations that actually sound like real people speaking. Why can’t Bethesda write dialog like this?

Combat mechanics are so rough, though. Playing on Xbox One. Hope it gets smoother along the way. Using the same stick to control the camera and direction of your blows is pretty stupid.

Those bandits are hard. I did what espressojim recommends. Waited until night, sneaked into the camp, killed one in his sleep (suffocated him) and the other one woke up, but was without his armor so I was able to kill him as well.
As for combat improvement, what helps is training with captain Bernard. Even with wooden weapons it increases your combat skill when training with him.

You start as a guy who knows nothing about combat, so yeah as you unlock new moves and increase your skills, the combat gets much smoother. I only had an issue with the lock-in where it is a bit unwieldy to unlock when fighting multiple opponents, but it was manageable.

I think you’re talking about the two bandits threatening the charcoal burners looking for the lad from the stables. Waiting until nighttime is good advice but you can also poison their food. They are gone during the day, so walk into camp, dump poison into the pot over the fire and just wait until evening. They come back, eat and (depending on poison) either die or are so weak they are easily defeated.

Blunt weapon solves all the problems, trust me.

Good to know!

I snuck up onto the bandits in the night. They still put up a fight, in their pyamas! I managed to win tho, now I have just learned to read lol.

Picked this up a week ago and it’s all I want to play. I’m totally enchanted. Just finished the quest with the stable boy (another vote for murdering bandits in their sleep) and I’m on my way to Uzhitz to learn to read!

I also got all of the DLC. Any advice on when to do those quests? Or whether to avoid them for a while?

Also I keep hearing about training with Captain Bernard. When can I start to do that. There was the one session as part of the main quest line. I assume things open up a bit now? Maybe after I learn to read.

So much to do!

I think the DLCs are not even accessible until various parts of the main quest, so you should not have much of a dillema. I personally did them in order of their release (From Ashes first, Hans Capon second, Band of Bastards, and Woman’s Lot for last) as they unlocked. Hans Capon DLC is pretty damn funny and Woman’s Lot is also super good must play.

I am not sure when Bernard becomes available for training, but you can check next to the arena above Rattay (outside the upper castle), if he is avaiable he should stand there.

Enjoy, I wish I could erase memory and replay fresh.

I’m having so much fun with this game. Some harmless hijinks trying to pilfer some wine for Sir Hans suddenly got serious with one guard dead and two others taking a beating. Luckily I had just drank a saviour schnapps. While my Henry will happily steal anything not nailed down, I draw the line at unjustified murder of the hapless guards. On the bright side, it appears that my training with Captain Bernard has paid off. Maybe I’ll be able to win a round in the tourney soon.

Did you meet good Mr. Arse’n Balls? :)

Ha! Just this morning.

I think I want to go try my hand at taking out a bandit camp!

This one time, in bandit camp…

Will be free next week on EGS!

So, what’s the woke view on this nowadays? Should the discerning SJW still be considering avoiding the game?

I reckoned good art should be viewed apart from the artist and gotten the game. So far it didn’t offend me in any way. Of course misogyny and fascism could be overtly propagandized in the later parts of the game but I dont think so.

At this point there’s no avoiding the Epic game store these days if you want to take advantage of the exclusives or early releases there. At least in my regard, it’s become yet another storefront and yet another launcher. You can kind of see that over in the Epic thread as well.

Yeah, the tone was flippant, but I am actually after real thoughts on this.

I’ve not read all that much about it, but I know there was controversy around release time because of the expressed points of view of the developer. I find these things can easily get blown up out of proportion, with a storm of complaints blocking out apparently genuine apologies. Or of course the complaints can be well justified and the apologies insincere.

So I was mostly looking for information with the benefit of hindsight on whether the developer still appears to be a complete shitheel or whether he might reasonably be given the benefit of the doubt. And also on whether there’s anything problematic in the game.

I’m not looking to get into discussions on separating art from artist. I have my own views on this as I’m certain others do, and it’s obviously a bit of a grey area.

So I’m not going to judge anyone for choosing either side of that decision, but I do think it’s valuable for people to be aware of the controversy rather than just grabbing a free game unaware of the context and potentially regretting it later.

On the subject of the Epic store, I have no problems with it. I’m very happy for them to give me free games provided they pay the developers reasonably for the privilege. And as you say, there’s plenty of discussion of that over in the Epic thread.

I loved this game so much I didn’t quite finish it so I could always go back to it.

I don’t think there was anything in the game that reflected the views of the developers, left or right leaning.