Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The thing is the girl gets saved whether you yourself do it or not. The game adds that bit of difficulty to the tutorial out of simple meanness. :)

Yea, the bow is very hard. Some people apparently figure it out, but I haven’t. I can maybe hit a target half the time.

As for lockpicking, use a m/kb. It is almost impossible with a controller.

So I guess I lucked out and didn’t really have any issues with the drunken fight or the pony ride out of town. However I keep seeing everyone talk about the Schnapps, can’t you just save whenever you want? When I go to the mainmenu there is a save and quit option.

When you die, where does it load? I think it’s from the last time you had Schnapps, or last time you save and quit. I think the bonus with the Schnapps is that you don’t have to quit. You can just keep playing.

I haven’t played the game yet, but I tend to play in very short periods. I finished Witcher 3 by playing it 15 minutes a day. So for me, the Save and Quit option is probably enough. If I die, I can always come back to it tomorrow for my next 15 minute session.

Ok, spent a minute to look it up. Apparently the save and quit option on the main menu doesn’t create a permanent save file, just allows you to continue from the point next time you load the game. If you want to create save points you have to use the schnapps, or sleep in a bed.

Yes, this is a very bad sequence to have at the beginning. Learning to ride the horse is not easy (I too expected to control the horse direction via the mouse, but that controls your character since you can look in a direction different than the horse’s direction), and putting it in a desperate escape sequence probably wasn’t the best decision. I had to try that several times and I finally just barely escaped, almost dying from my wounds before reaching the castle. You were not alone in your frustration.

You’ll also get autosaves when you accept quests as well I believe. Be on the lookout for Belladonna and Nettle plants since they are needed to make Savior Schnapps.

There is no “Quick Save” option. You save via exiting the game, by sleeping at least 2 hours I think in a bed, by taking Savior Schnapps or by starting or finishing a quest. The save and exit method does just create a save point where you will start the next time you enter the game and those points are over written, However, I do think the game now keeps a few of those (maybe changed via a patch) because I know I was able to go back a couple days when I thought I did something that needed re-doing.

Savior Schnapps are basically the quick save option. You can buy them, and in time you can learn to make them. They are widely available.

Luckily I tend to play in short bursts so I probably won’t have a need for the savior schnapps.

You save anytime you lie down to sleep.

Tip: Whenever you reach a distant village, find a well-positioned inn, and pay them for a room for “a few days”. This gives you a permanent bed that you can return to at any time + you get access to a chest that somehow magically contains everything you’ve stored at the Miller’s (or any other lodgings).

The cost of this is $200-250, which makes it by far the most cost-efficient way to save the game until you gain the ability to brew saviour schnaps yourself. Whenever you embark on a dangerous mission, simply run back to your bed, sleep an hour, and then go do what you need to do.

Tip 2: You can also just buy a bed for one-time use for something like $2, if you’re strapped for cash.

Tip 3: The game also saves when you use the services of the Bathhouse, so that’s a third way to save.

Tip 4: The game will show the beds you “own” on the map.

Basically, try to always get some rest before you carry out dangerous missions or travel for long distances (I think my most common cause of death so far has been being ambushed on the road).

Important note: It has to be a bed you’re “allowed” to sleep in - either that someone gave you permission to sleep in, or that you rented for the night (and also some random beds in the wilderness.) If you sleep in a bed that you’re not supposed to, you don’t get the save. I found that one out the hard way.

That means if you piss off your wife, watch out!

You need a spoiler tag.

I think you’ll be happy you perservered (I’m at least finding it interesting and fun to play - my first time as well), but you’re not wrong about this. While there are many neat things in this game, it has a fair few … questionable design choices.

I have to say I’m a little bit surprised that it found the audience that it has.

It was an IRL joke. Saying more would be a spoiler itself.

I modded it to save anywhere and have no regrets whatsoever.

I failed two quests because they were apparently on secret timers. There was no mention of a time limit when the quests were given. I don’t like timed events in games in general, but it should at least be clear that a timer is going to be running.

Did the quest giver at least tell you that you had to hurry or that it was a time sensitive matter? Even if there’s no actual timer, they should at least tell you whether you need to prioritize something.

No. There was no hint at all that the quests would be timed.

I usually found it clear from context, dialogue and diary if I should move ass on something.
Only one quest I had go differently due to me taking more time, but the quest did not fail, it just had different resolution.

Here is a decent overview of the time sensitive quests: