Kingdom Come: Deliverance

It’s a bit north east of the Inn, just beyond a yellow flower field that is unpickable on the left side of the road to Neuhof. Belladonna does not stand out and tends to blend in rather well, even in a field where there are over a hundred of them.

I still suck at combat. Simple time:

  1. Using the faint technique leaves me exposed and I get hit easily.
  2. Enemies frequently execute a perfect parry and riposte when I attack normally

Combos? Is this some kind of joke? Impossible to execute given the above, also if the first attack is parried / blocked, then the combo fails anyways.

I am basically limited to two tactics:

  1. Execute a perfect parry myself when the enemy attacks, then riposte
  2. Win a clench match and immediately attack afterwards. This usually lands a hit provided the animations didn’t push the guy too far away.

That’s all I got.

I don’t remember individual things about the combat other than it being difficult and almost impossible against multiple enemies. I do remember some move I learned eventually in the training that worked most of the time and it got me thru the contest and later fights. Might have been your #2 option, the clinch move.

But this game probably has the toughest combat in any sword and shield game I have played.

I tried to do some of the combos I have learned by using the combo training with Bernard. Mostly because he won’t ever perfect parry during that lesson; but he will be super annoying with his constant tutorial barks the entire time (I want to punch the person who programmed this). And it is still a pain in the ass to pull off. Mostly any diagonal slashes and everything that requires more than three attacks are not viable at all. And anything with majority pierce attacks is much easier to execute since there is no direction involved.

Well yeah, that will happen if you’re on the ground, unconscious.

I sort of figured out how to do a first-response feint attack after a long while practicing. It is still perfectly parried more often than not with riposte though, but I got a little better hit percentage. Particularly against Bernard.

You have to think of it like a fighting game move with those quick directional pad moves. Press and hold left mouse button and immediately: Up-left, [release button], down-right. > 1 second.

I started using fast travel and have been getting way more encounters on the world map. Easily 3X the events versus non-fast travel. One event was a single enemy in good gear, lots of plate, and I was fighting for my life, but I got him after a prolonged bout. He did the same fucking in your face breathing taunt that Black Peter does in the tourney (that fucker).

I think you will run into him or versions of him often now.

Him / versions of him? Do you mean a plate mail bandit becomes a reoccurring encounter?

There is a guy in armor, I don’t remember if it’s plate mail, who does seem to show up on a certain road. Just like the bandits that show up over and over again on a few roads. You could farm them but hauling away the spoils is a pain.

I got a bugged quest, and could never start Hare Hunt in spite of getting the quest marker from an Innkeep, after starting Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing first.

Sort of pissed me off for weeks but I just bit the bullet and completed it entirely one-sided without the other side/extra nuance.

Love to see this

And announced over 4 million copies sold. It is great how good RPGs have long tails.

That is awesome! Good to see one of my favorite games of the last few years getting some additional life and hopefully more fans. Wonder where they’re at on a sequel?

That said, combat was hard enough with a mouse and keyboard, I can’t imagine how difficult it is to master with Steam Deck controls! =)

I mean, they are just gamepad controls, I finished KCD with gamepad on hardcore and it went swimmingly :) Though I get that for people used to mouseKB, it will take time to get accustomed.

All we know is that it is being worked on…I would expect announcement sometime early next year.

Combat is still esoteric after one hundred hours. However so, I definitely know how to exploit it and always win…

In the Cloister is easily one of the most interesting quest lines in recent memory.

It’s sort of the RPG equivalent of an FPS where they take away all your guns (New Vegas’ Dead Money also counts here), but talk about a complete sea change. I’m living the sheltered heavily regimented work life of a novice monk now.

I wonder if you can meta-game it though and stash items ahead of time?

During the mysterious ways quest, when a priest asks you to stay and drink, say yes.

It’s the best time to train up Alchemy since you have like…four hours everyday to spend in the lab and ingredients are always made available.

Is writing Latin just meant to be trial and error? (unless you know real Latin? Or lookup the correct lines on the intarwebz)

Finished the game + DLC. (228 hours)

In all that time I still never got a firm grip on the combat. Combos remained non-viable / completely un-utilized due to enemy parry / riposte rates being overwhelmingly high. I’d wager it was like 95%. Or I just never got it.

I probably spent far too much time looting and haggling for extra coin when money is basically useless outside of building up the town, buying repair kits / repairs, potions if you ignore alchemy, and some one-off purchases like getting a better horse. I had over 200K by the end of the game. Oops.

In the end, the game just ends, although the main characters story is far from finished. I really didn’t care about the character background reveal and it didn’t feel needed at all. I guess the game is mostly fine 7/10.

I hated that quest, and spent time online trying to find the quickest way thru it. No patience I guess.

Congrats! That’s around how long it took me (190 hours) including a couple of restarts and lots of doing the same things it sounds like you did (riding around getting the best prices on sold loot, micromanaging my town, raising skills to max). It was rough at the very beginning, and I hated it again during the Monastery questline, but everything else was fun and I became very attached to Henry and many of the main characters. 9/10 for me!

As to the ending…did you play through the epilogue? I mean, you don’t do much during it, but it does provide some exposition on the current situation in the region and send you off (with Hans) on the mission that will presumably become the lead-in for the sequel.