Kingdom Come: Deliverance


That’s how Total War Warhammer and Warhammer II patch as well, iirc.


Kickstarted this 3 years ago, never expected it to come to fruition. Can’t wait to dig in.


The combat animations look kind of janky, so while I’m tempted to go ahead and buy it prior to reviews I think I’ll wait to hear how the actual combat mechanics play and how stable and polished the game feels.


Also reminds me of the Wasteland 2 map travel.


Reviews are out, consensus seems to be “potentially great game, but for now buggy with inconsistent performance”. Which is a shame, but expected I suppose.
I played for 20 minutes before I went to work only to quickly test, on medium I get rock solid 60, on high it drops to 50s. Ultra enables some insane lightning shadow system that drops perf to 20fps inside buildings. Seems that these things take most performance:

Shader Quality
Draw sliders

I think the game will be brilliant and unique but I will finish Elex first, and wait for some more patches for KCD before I play it proper.


20 % off at Greenman Gaming makes it easier to take a chance…


I guess we won’t know how the day one patch helps until players get some time with it.


This game includes asian martial artists and people complain about lacking diversity


I really, really don’t like a game developer deciding when I can save my game. My schedule is such that game time is sporadic, and it is not unusual for me to have to unexpectedly stop playing. If I want to play ironman, fine, I can always choose to do that, but if I want to save whenever I want to save, I should be able to do that also.

I also suck at melee. It’s why in most games I play some kind of stealth and distance role. Witcher 3 scared me due to the lack of such an option, but I was able to develop a couple of magic skills to the point it made up for my lack of melee skills.

Here I could see myself really being terrible at an attempt to be realistic melee system. Which would suck, because a big, open world game like this with no magic or fantasy elements actually really appeals to me.


Yeah to be honest I think they should have implemented save and exit at least.
On consoles there is advantage in the rest mode which suspends and resumes from the same place.
But since the savior schnapps is in game and allows saving anywhere as long as player has it, I think on PC it will get modded fairly quickly to be able to save anywhere (or get infinite amount of savior schnappses).


Will this game lead to increased alcoholism?



There is an achievement for becoming an alcoholic apparently. Which I guess means you’re addicted to saves?


Yeah, they hyper-realistic combat looks extremely difficult and unforgiving. Pretty sure I would get frustrated and lose interest long before I was able to master the combat.


Same. It’s annoying af. So tell me, what has the developer decided is the ideal method of saving my progress in an open-world 15th century real life simulation RPG so I am unable to cheat myself out of the best experience imaginable?


A review.


I’m not sure what the heck happened, but this is the most highly streamed game on twitch right now, with over 200,000 people watching 1491 streamers play. At least some of them are paid promotion streams, but it’s hard to say how many.

The streamer I checked in with is someone I’ve watched play other games, and he’s a reasonable, nice guy. He basically gave up on the game during the 10 minutes I watched. He walked into a house, and got stuck so he couldn’t walk back through the door. In a very monotone voice, he said “Chat, I know I’m pretty bad at this game, but am I so bad I can’t figure out how to get through doors?” After about 75 seconds of ramming himself at the door by various angles he popped out…then a minute later got stuck on another doorway. He was not…you know…pleased.


Who are the top streamers on this?


I have it installed but kinda wondering if I should wait a few more patches before digging in. Not being able to get through doors sounds pretty bad!


This is very intriguing but definitely in the category of “wait for patches and mods.”


This save system sucks ass especially when a game is as glitchy and buggy as this. I would hate it on its own, but the software errors make it really painful.