Kingdom Come: Deliverance


There were no quicksaves in 15th century Bohemia.


I’ve been watching some streams, the jank and wacky bugs makes them highly entertaining. The kind of bugs that make you want to play.

The staircase remains undefeated!


There’s nothing weird. It’s an interesting game that makes people curious, but most of them don’t have super powerful computers as the average streamer, or don’t want the hassle of an unoptimized buggy game.

It’s exactly the type of game that is more enjoyable to see someone else playing, than playing yourself.


You never played Farkle before?


If anyone wants to see how the game runs on my PC (2500K, 8GB, 1070) here is uncompressed video:

It shows two graphics settings and resolutions. It is only from the starting village looking at things and checking texture quality, I do not want to play any further until I finish Elex.


I could literally feel the stutter from sideways movement that occurs when games drop below 45 fps :). Seems like most engines suffer from this problem, but I never researched what actually causes it. Forward movement seems to be more or less immune to this issue on the other hand.

That lighting though, daaaaamn. Game looks really good.


I was torn between Shroud of the Avatar vs Kingdom Come but nicer graphics made Kingdom very appealing to me. Both seemed to need polish gameplay/bugs wise… and nicer graphics made it bearable.


It’s the same, just more obvious when moving the camera sideways. Find any static vertical reference point like the side of a wall or post.


It’s different, when moving sideways it feels like something is pushing you back, like when you’re rubberbanding in an online game. It was pretty severe in FO3 and FNV for example.


Yeah which is why I changed it to medium to showcase how gloriously smooth it is at 60 :)

Also my mind is blown, Angry Joe is streaming it and actually enjoying it. He is a hater of eurojank, so this is a surprise.


The lockpicking minigame may be one of the worst ones yet.

On the good side, I think combat is actually a lot better than it appears in video.


Have you played Chivalry? Is it anything like that whereby moving your mouse mid swing controls where the blade goes?


I have played Chivalry. It’s not really like that either. It’s like a mix between the movement-based strikes of something like Mount & Blade and something clunkier like Skyrim with the difficulty cranked all the way up when you’re level 2. The targeting “star” is really hard to use at first, but once you get a handle on it, the thing works. Combat starts out really clumsy and terrible, but I guess that’s kind of the point since you’re an untrained peasant and really should be avoiding combat as much as possible. As you go along, you unlock combat moves and perks and it gets better, which kind of mirrors your actual real-life proficiency progression with the system.

The only negative for me is that the animation system isn’t fluid enough to really support what they’re trying to do. There’s a lot of janky movement, and you’ll see NPCs flop and stutter like marionettes as they shift from one move or stance to another. The same goes for your own arms.


The jank does fit surprisingly well with streaming.

One of the streamers got into a 10 foot archery duel with a soldier. The NPC would take out an arrow, nock it in the bow, and get hit by an arrow. Then the NPC would take out an arrow, nock it in the bow, and get hit by an arrow. Repeat until dead.


I played it a little and the game does a really poor job explaining itself.

So far it seems like a pale imitation of the combat in for honor (purely speaking of the combat). In fact, it kind of makes me want to play for honor again.


(not mine)


Now that is a kick!


Sunk about 2 hours into this over two sessions. I was initially peeved at the way the save system has been described to work because I had to shut down the game before finding my bed or that save drink. I figured I would have to start all over again.

But the game does auto save. In fact, when I booted up again and hit “Continue” it put me right where I left off. I don’t know how often it saves or if it automatically does it on exit, but that was a relief.

I really like how melee combat works although I only did the training (and got my ass handed to me in a fist fight). It’s really not that hard to figure out.

However, it really is quite rough around the edges. I haven’t run into any bugs or movement issues (outside of the “jank” everyone is talking about), but it all does seem a little… off?

That said, I’m kind of digging it. The devs really swung for the fences and compared to something like Skyrim, which I do love, Kingdom Come feels truly ambitious in terms of the game systems to put in here.

Needs work, but I’m willing to let them sort it out. In the meantime, I’ll keep playing.


I kickstarted this back in the day and it turned out much better than I had hoped. I was especially worried about the facial expressions in the early beta releases but they did a much better job than I expected. Maybe not modern AAA good but good enough to not be cringe worthy. The story is also well told and the game is very atmospheric.

I haven’t done enough combat yet to truly judge it but it was satisfying to smack down the weaker bandits on the road.

I haven’t encountered many bugs, no more than Witcher 3 or Skyrim on release but maybe I’m lucky. I’m also not the type to push game systems to the limits like a lot of people love to do in open world games.

I have 2 bigger complaints:

  1. I feel the performance should be much better on a 1080 Ti @ 1920x1200 resolution. It can dip into the 30s on Ultra so I switched back to Very High and it usually sticks to the mid 50s to 60+ (I’m vsynced to 60) but I’ve seen it dip into the 40s.

  2. The save system is too harsh. I hate this sort of thing in console games and I hate it here. Luckily, I’m on PC and downloaded the mod that let’s you save from the menu whenever you want. Awesome.


PC Gamer has a nice review