Kingdom Come: Deliverance


The Piranha Bytes games would not work well with a flamboyant save system. A challenging design doesn’t require wasting people’s time.


I hope flamboyant save becomes its new name.


If they made save anywhere only usable by playing a 10 second “just dance” style dance mini game I would be up for it :)


I wonder what improvements they’ll add for pickpocketing.

Because here is my current experience with pickpocket: Your skill doesn’t matter. Literally nothing matters, it just randomly fails most of the time.

Sleeping dude? Dead of night? You fail instantly. Wake dude in a crowd? Meh, it might work anyway.

Nothing seems to affect it other than RNG. Sometimes you get caught instantly (and by sometimes I mean almost always), other times you charge it to 12 and steal everything they have. The icon is red or green. This means nothing at all, you’ll get caught equally as often either way and no situation will change the color anyway. Not that it matters because for some reason aborting early means you’re instantly caught every time. So if it starts red and red is bad… you’re fucked anyway.

I really like pickpocket for some reason. Or rather, I like the idea of it. It feels like it’s a good skill, but the reality is that you just fail randomly and often for no discernible reason. Even training with what’s his name I’ve had situations where I get caught the instant I press the button, after successfully stealing from him and charging the little thing up to like 12. Next time with no changes? You get caught instantly. 8 times in a row. Because reasons.

I mean, people in the real world are actually good at it. It’s a thing that historically existed, people made their livings doing it. I kind of wish it was more possible to do the whole bump and grab thing. Bump into some random dude on the street and grab his pouch or a key to his shop. Instead I have to sit there digging around for 15 seconds after which I’m invariably caught.


It’s a tough one to be honest. I have 2 young kids and at times I am expected to just stop playing and sometimes not return for a while, like the next day. Play time is already limited and having to reply a section would just eat in to my play time.

The number of times I think oh to be young or child free again but the reality is that is never going to happen well not for another 10 years at least. So I am not buying this game at full price or until the save issue is fixed, fix the save issue and I may.

You really need to cover the needs of all the players not just some.


Um, didn’t they sell 1 million copies in the first week? This particular game doesn’t really appeal to me (for reasons well beyond the save system), but I’m glad that some games are seemingly more and more tailored to unique audiences (including gaming-masochists!), rather than the opposite.


The training with Miller Peshek was more aggravating than anything else, and in fact it bugged out on me once where he called for the guards as I was practicing on him! Bugs abound but I’m a sucker for open world games and couldn’t resist buying a copy.


omg I’m dying here



Well, that’s sort of the definition of trolling I think. Now, had they made him a renegade Turk…

Though it does resemble what Hasbro did with G.I. Joe in its first attempt to have a black action figure. They simply recolored an existing Joe. That…didn’t work.


Racist trolling, hilarious innit. Get that shit off here.


The whole debate about needing to have “people of colour” (itself a pretty meaningless term, and that’s coming from someone who falls into the poc umbrella) is pretty terrible and if I weren’t laughing at such trolling I’d be crying at the presumptions and assumptions surrounding this entire concept of race and inclusiveness.

So please, don’t “get that shit out of here.”


I agree with you, but this is just how it works. When pendulums swing back, they almost always go way past the mid-point. It’s like the laws of physics somehow apply to culture, too.


I understand what the author was trying to say (I think), but it is a jarringly bad representation of theories of history. Like if you said, “There are two ways to approach biology. One is Intelligent Design, where everything we see was created by Designer and His purpose is mysterious (note that the gendered language is the biggest flaw I see in that argument). The other is Evolution, which focuses instead on how monkeys became humans and what we can learn from the monkeys. Henry clearly didn’t get any attention from the Designer.”


Aww come on man. I got a kick out of the “African American” part, considering there was no America in that time period. I thought it was clever.


I’d be impressed if that much thought had gone into it, but given that they have simply blackfaced a white character I have my doubts.


It’s also a clever jab at how most of the media views about “diversity” reflect only American values, which effectively means there’s no real cultural diversity - only different hues of “American”.


…I thought that was the point? They were in several ways illuminating the lack of intellectual or moral rigour in some of the clamours for ‘diversity’, in this case that people wanted a ‘token black’.

The ‘token black’ trope is that of a lazy stereotype hastily thrown in to render something immune to criticism on lacking diversity.


I wish I could believe a troll was capable of that level of satire and wasn’t just being a dick for the sake of being a dick.


I gave him the benefit of the doubt given that he has the intellectual capacity to know or figure out how to replace textures in a video game.


Isn’t a variant of the trope that of an already created character who is hastily cast with a black actor?

I.e. blackfacing a character.