Kingdom Come: Deliverance


I can’t wait to see how that goes down!



It should be the one where you play as Theresa, I would assume. Few hours long questline showing some events from her perspective.


What, no Battle Royale mode?



But yeah no battle royale, wtf are they thinking


You guys are not making this easy.


Are you on the fence about buying this? BUY IT. It is one of the best - and most amazing gaming experiences I’ve had this past decade.


Wait, what? Where did that come from? You didn’t post glowing posts about the game until now.


Well the PS4 version was awful, but I felt like if I could do Steamlink properly and could find a super cheap PC version maybe my experience would be different. AND WHOA was it ever! Because I kept ending up in the hospital my major PS4 gaming time kept getting delayed and I hit a sweet spot where they were quickly releasing PC patches and found it super cheap. It’s too bad Warhorse’s original release wasn’t the fixed up game, because I think they’re be riding a 95% metacritic on the PC version of the game if they had.

The normal PS4 just doesn’t have the power to play the game without frustrations (long loading times, slow menus, too aggressive LOD leveling, etc). It’s GOTY, maybe game of the decade for me.


Well, poop, the Steam sale ended and it’s back to $60.


I’ll get it when it gets a discount on GOG, I suppose.


I’ll get it when it gets a discount on Steam, I suppose.


Fascinating talk about the development by Dan


I got it without any discount on GOG, I suppose.


Thank you, @Paul_cze.


So I may be able to carve out a little time for this over the holiday weekend. What’s the preferred control scheme here? Gamepad (which is what I used for Witcher 3) or M + K?


I use PS4 gamepad over Steamlink, but I’ve heard M/KB works great (may even make the game a little too easy)


Gamepad without a doubt.


Currently showing as $43 at Gamebillet and $27 at CDKeys…


Gamepad for me, although for archery I would assume mouse is better as always.


Sweet, thanks for the notice.