Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Some interesting info being dropped on codex by writer/designer Smejki

Q: Yo Smejki is the patching largely done or are there still major issues left? I remember a while back you talked about the reputation system being borked, for instance.

A: I honestly don’t see the whole bigpicture, so take it it with a grain of salt.
But generally, yes. The bugs we’re now fixing are less severe and the pace of incoming reports slowed down considerably. I personally for example received maybe 2 major issues in last 1.5 months and i’m responsible for the logic of 11 quests and several minor game systems. That of course means that I have time for creating new content (I’m working on the first DLC BTW). But it also means that most of us can pay attention to less severe bugs and issues which normally would (and could) remain unfixed. It’s quite likely the following patches will be fixing similar amount of issues (around 200) however bigger and bigger proportion of them will be quality of life improvements in some quests or systems, minor tweaks and glitches a and bugs which are more and more negligible.
Patch 1.6 will be released together with the first DLC which is due later this month. And we will certainly release patches along with the other DLCs. No idea if there will be some other patches in between DLC releases.

Q: I thought KC was always meant to be a trilogy.

A: The whole “trilogy” thing stems from our long past history with publishers.
KCD was originally meant to be a complete story across 3 maps. The game was meant to be made by more people than we ever had for more money than we ever had. The project was rejected.
And thus we entered Kickstarter. I believe that our mentioning of ActI, II, and III was a mistake as it only confuses people. The acts correspond with those 3 maps I mentioned above. The KS campaign was only about ActI (with hi tiers preordering uncertain subsequent Acts) and this is what was turned into KCD (KCD1=Act1). However KCD had to stand on its own legs and so the actual KCD is much bigger than what was originally planned for Act1 (Pribyslavits, Uzhits, monastery interriors and big parts of the forests were not originally planned). So KCD1 is actualy Act1++. Unfortunately it’s also why the story ends so abruptly. However even then I believe we could have handled it better. And by we I mean Dan. He wanted the story to end this way and we had biiiiig internal disagreements about it. To almost no avail. He thinks it’s a solid ending. I don’t think so.

I cannot tell you if Act2 and Act3 will be released together as KCD2 or if each Act will get its own installment (KCD2 and KCD3) or if the story ending will be expanded in some DLC. Nor can I confirm some actual “trilogy plan”. All I know is that some people will be confused because of our mentioning of the original Acts structure.
Hope I made it at least a bit clear.

Q: Looking forward to Kingdom Come II: Hussite Wars.

A: I can confirm this - KCD2 story will continue the story of KCD1 right where it ended. That doesn’t mean there can’t a 17 years jump into the future in the middle of the game. Right? But ask yourself how likely that is.


This is really a very good game. But ironically, I kept wishing there was magic in it.

Why can’t we have a gritty, realistic mediaeval sim, just with a bit of magic in it? It’s what I’ve always wanted.


Witcher is about as close as you get.


Sex unicorns define a low fantasy setting.


So picked this up to discover it makes me motion sick :/


I think you can turn off some of the bobbing motion? Will that help?


Even with higher fov?


Head bob isn’t controllable from settings. There are some claims about console options but as many people saying they don’t work :/

FOV doesn’t seem to help… I’ve switched out of ultrawide and am in a narrower window which seemed to help a little? Actually nervous to experiment given how bad it felt.


Ditching ultrawide seems to have more or less fixed things. I’ve fled to Almberg or somewhere - things are afoot!


Played 10 minutes and refunded it. The headbob made me nauseous that quickly, even with FOV set to 80.


This warms my RPG-positive and czech-patriotic heart


I’m waiting for a good sale on GOG to buy it. Maybe when the first big DLC is out.


I picked it up during the current steam sale. While I did have some save system angst early on I am loving it. It’s really well done.

Though I do have to make an obligatory save system complaint. When playing the start of the game I got to the point where the opening credits start rolling and they you go into a sort of dream sequence. I decided this would be a good point to take a break and since the credits just rolled it must have autosaved, right? Nope.


Honestly I wish they’d just patch in quicksave already.


Yeah I don’t think that is going to happen. Their desire to eliminate savescumming/make player be careful with their decisions is too great. It seems the save mod is still being updated though


Thanks for posting this, Paul_cze. I initially installed unlimited saving mod when the game first came out and it worked like a charm. I had stopped playing a while ago and when I went back to it I wasn’t able to save any more, probably because of game updates. Now that you posted this, I’ll go back to it posthaste!


Is there hope on the horizon for a setting or mod to eliminate the head-bob?


Not sure about headbob per-se, but maybe this + FoV 85/90 would help?


Thanks… tried that. But the head-bob still made it unplayable for me.


Are you guys saying that saving is limited? Because in that case so is my interest.