Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Bad knight, bad knight, whatcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when the bailiff comes for you?


Holy moly are some battles intense. I just lost a ~10 minute encounter vs ~10 enemies when I got cornered, and I was doing so well too, lol. I’m not even sure what happened, but it looked like two groups of bandits, because one looked like they were armed to the teeth and the other was comprised of fighters wearing some mid tier armor and wooden shields. Initially I only fought one group, and I’m not sure where the other one came from.

In any case, those 10 minutes went by in what felt like seconds. Immersion and tension were through the roof. I never thought battles of attrition could be so much fun.


Generally the game seems not to screw you over, but i ran into one quest situation where it seemed my options were either fight a very hard, perhaps unwinnable, 1 on 4, or tell bad guys something that would be very much not in character for me to tell them. It was one of those situations where the cutscene dumps you into another cutscene, and there’s no chance to avoid what is happening (unless perhaps there’s a dialog choice that works). It’s the only place so far I’ve felt a bit railroaded.

One guide I read said to run away, but I can’t, as the bad guys are way too fast and no matter how I try they just gut me from behind. It seems the game wants me to do something I wouldn’t (in my view of the character) do, but there really isn’t any choice.


You came upon bandits fighting Cumans.

Remember, especially early on, running away is a good tactic. Sometimes it can be impossible to get to your horse and get away but it’s always worth a shot. Then once you do get away, circle back and put some arrows in whoever is straggling.

Though I’ve almost gotten decent at the swordfighting and can land one of my combos occasionally, my main tactic is horse archery. Ride away at a cantor or gallop into an open area while drawing an arrow. Slow the horse down and turn myself back and turn the horse to the side as necessary just as the draw finishes. Line up the shot and take it when they are 10-15ft away. Rinse, repeat. When there are archers I try to kite and separate enemies from them, sometimes turning on them and drawing my sword to make a charge at them (which I can now land maybe 1/4 of the time).

When I get caught in melee, I’m thinking more of how I can defend until I can get mounted again and any hits I get on the enemy are just a bonus.


Nope, it was actually two bandit groups - I know this because I ended up with 2x Bandit Leader Spurs in my inventory after the fight was over. However, I only had quest for one group when I came upon them.


Every time I tried to run, they pulled me off my horse. I just wasn’t fast enough. So I did what a guide said. I sold out whatshisface, then killed the minder they left, and rode down the other SOBs (yes, horse archery ftw, Bohemian Mongols!). Sadly, the corpses of two of them disappeared before I could come back and loot them, as I didn’t loot them immediately as I was chasing down the final bad guy.


Do potions gradually lose effectiveness as timer ticks down? I’ve just used a Nighthawk potion and I noticed my vision got a little more dark as I moved further into the forest, but I also had a cutscene in between so I’m not sure if that was the cause or not.


Worked for the Mongols!


Interesting. I haven’t gotten a quest like that yet. I did run across bandits fighting some Cumans early on which I figured was a random encounter. I just took off and came back later to loot the dead.


I try to call my horse and then sprint initially away from it and try to circle back before I run out of stamina to attempt to get enough separation that I don’t get immediately dismounted. I find it helps if I whistle yakkety sax while doing it. Well, it doesn’t help me succeed, but it makes it more entertaining during the attempt.

Also you can start galloping the second the mounting animation starts.


It’s a long chain of kill quests that takes you from city to city, you have to clear about 15 camps total. I don’t remember what the trigger is but I got it pretty early in Rattay.


Holy crap, attack on Pribyslavitz is bloody amazing. The scale and the presentation were just right.


I recently upgraded the computer I’m currently playing on from my venerable gtx 770 to a 1070. With the graphics now bumped up to very high and the hd texture pack installed I am a bit blown away by the beauty of just riding through the countryside.


It’s amazing how many likable characters there are in this game - for example Ulrich or Hanekin Hare - and how much depth they have, even when they don’t get much screen time. Henry is also one of the better protagonists I’ve had the chance to play in rpgs.

Very solid writing all around.


Yeah, in general, the writing and most of the voice work is quite good. A couple of voice actors sound like programmer voices, but most are really quite appropriate, and the dialog, even the repetitive stuff, is appealing. And it’s so easy to just find yourself wandering around chasing rabbits or exploring for quite a while. In some ways, I can see how people might be turned off, because unless you beeline for the main quest–which it seems you definitely should not–the pacing can be pretty relaxed. I like that, as the encounters you do have can be pretty intense.


From an interview that Dan Vávra did with a czech speaking russian, that was translated from czech into russian and then from russian into english via google translate:


  • All right. I want to hear your top 3 games. But not from the ones you made (laughs).

  • D.Vavra:

  • Well, let’s say, Shenmue, a Japanese game, had a great influence on me. Of the new games, this is probably Witcher 3, although it is still quite new, so it does not yet have the status of classics. But this is definitely a game that I really like. Red Dead Redemption - this game is similar to what we do, so I was very impressed. And there are many old games that can not be played anymore, because they are old, but Laser Squad, Moonstone, Ishar … almost nobody knows them now. But these are the games I really grew up on, and I love them. But now nobody plays them, because they are very old.

  • E.Kanakova

  • And now I want to hear the three worst ones.

  • D.Vavra

  • (laughs).

  • E.Kanakova

  • Just do not tell me everything, everything is bad everywhere!

  • D.Vavra

  • No, actually, I think that most of the games today, I will not name anyone, it’s impossible, but … I write a column in Czech magazine, for about 15 years, every month, is called “Jama pekel” (Czech “pit of hell” ), in which I criticize games. And unfortunately, all the time there is something to criticize. It seems to me that most of the games today are bad. Even the good ones are also bad. Most often they have bad stories, compared to films or books they are really bad. That is, a person plays a game, they like it, but they know, or at least I know, because I’m doing it, how much better it could be if there was a better written script, or if they were not afraid to experiment and not only repeat what has already been tested in practice. It seems to me that the games repeat only what has already happened, do not try to invent a something new, something to change, because large companies that have money are afraid to do something different, because they do not know, or do not want to invest in something they are not sure of. And small developers - unfortunately, it’s very fashionable to copy something else - it means that someone will make Minekraft, and everyone starts to make Meinkraft too. Someone will do ARK: Survival, and everyone does Survival. Now everyone will do PUBG. The same goes for small games for mobile. Just a lot of clans, and very few original games. Another extreme is the contrary, too original games, that is, when the experiment is already completely meaningless, they go too far, the game is too abnormal. Therefore, it seems to me that now there are very few normal games that offer unique experiences that people are interested in. And I think it is for this reason that people in such a delight when it comes out something like God of War, or our game. This is due to the fact that there are few such games, and everyone is waiting for them, but for some reason such games are done rarely. But God of War, I think it might be better if there were less action, and more other elements.

  • E.Kanakova

  • Well, every game could be better.

  • D.Vavra

  • Oh sure. We have very little action in the game, there are really few fights. It was very risky to do so. Until the last moment we said that people would eat us up for this, they would say - I play eight hours, and I have not fought with anyone yet. But this did not happen, no one actually complained about it later. But in every game everything happens differently, a person starts to play, and in the beginning there is some scene, a very emotional relationship … and then you need to kill 30 monsters. And then again deep emotions, psychology … and 40 more monsters. At the same time, it is not necessary there at all, these monsters spoil everything, this is too much. But everyone is afraid not to add it to the game, because they think that if this does not happen, people will complain that there is not enough game. And I would say that we are proof that this is not so, it is not necessary to do so. You can always add something else, which is also a game, and people like it, and people will not even notice that there are fewer murders. But almost no one does so, all are afraid. Even in Red Dead Redemption, my favorite game, there were very long action sequences that made me very tired, and most of all I liked this game in moments where there was no action, when I was doing the usual things there - grazing cows, going for walks with some farmer, where there was no need to kill anyone. At these moments, this game was for me the most interesting.

I 100% agree about most games having way too much unnecessary combat. RDR was a great example, lately for example Vampyr could use a lot less of it.


Cool, thanks for that interview translation. One of the things I also like about this game is that the designers did not feel the need to force-feed combat to you. The world is dangerous enough, and combat nasty enough, and the game doesn’t give you much in the way of a safety net; to have tons more combat would be odd, to say the least.


So after roaming around the countryside doing various missions I finally get back to Rattay after dark. Since the armorer keeps late hours at least I can drop off some of the things I looted off bandits along the way. I figure since it’s too late to do anything else in town might as well get a bath before bed. Well, apparently the baths close at 10pm so I was out of luck there also.

When I arrived in addition a couple of townspeople leaving on their way to bed I saw Zedna sitting outside the bathhouse. A moment later this guy comes out and mounts up to ride home.

By his attire I guess he was playing dice again.

I know NPCs keeping schedules isn’t something new, but like a lot of things in this game it’s done really well.


NPC schedules almost drove me up the wall yesterday lol. I was scrambling to get all the meat for the Master Huntsman quest in Talmberg (like 500 units total, from 3 different animals), and one was close to expiring, so I go to Talmberg at like 16:30 and the fucking Chamberlain was already asleep.

Same goes for random quest npcs at quarries and such that I needed to talk to and were asleep at NOON. Lazy bastards.


Oh man, the Monastery quest is one of the best I’ve seen in RPGs. I went the sneaky route and it was super rewarding.