Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Looks nice… in third person :)

Looks pretty good, competition for Mount & Blade 2!

Nah, they aren’t really anything the same as I understand, except for taking place in the Medieval times and you can fight. I doubt Kingdoms have battles with 300 people on each side, allowing you to command people - or sieges, or allowing you to run a kingdom.

It has more in common with Witcher 3, if anything.

Don’t take it literally. It’s just in the same genre of “realistic medieval first person sword-combat game”.

Sure - except thats not what Bannerlord is :-)

I’m not sure first person is a good choice for swordfighting. I love immersion more than most and am a pretty big fanatic about cockpits and choosing good field of view and all that for racing and flight games, but the first person mode in M&B kind of made me sick Beyond all the bobbing, it was really hard to accurately judge distance and where your weight was and all that, never mind trying to read fidgety blades skittering around. Maybe if you all had really heavy warhammers that had really traceable arcs and that had longer wind up times or something, it could work. But otherwise this needs to either go third person, or wait for an occulus rift, but even then the whole sword hitting resistance thing would probably ruin the experience there.

If it’s locked into first person, I hope it has a FOV slider. Games without one have a fair chance of making me nauseous.

There has been another update about the current status of the project couple weeks back

I tested the latest alpha which includes SVOTI (beautiful full name: Sparse Voxel Octree Total Illumination) and it is quite incredible the difference it makes in lightning with very low framerate hit (few frames).

Glad to see this getting close. But someone tell Daniel Vavra he needs a new desk chair. That one is broken. He’ll hurt his back, and the game will be delayed!

This is starting to look really great. Any concrete info on planned length and maybe a release date?

Hah, didn’t notice that. It really looks dangerous :)

I think original estimate was around 30 hours, but that has balooned…Dan said they have around 70 quests, I would expect 50+ hour game. Release date should be summer, but who knows, I would not be surprised about further delay.

PC version may be delayed to be in sync with console versions.

“We are still working on the summer release date,” PR manager Tobias Stolz-Zwiling told me.

"The idea was to release the game in the summer and then to follow up with the console versions. Right now we are still indie developers but we are in negotiations with publishers to, well, we need someone to bring the games into the shops, so we need a distributor, and he kind of wants us to synch it with the console versions. We are still in negotiations, we will see.

“Best case for you will be summer this year for the PC version and then with the follow-up for consoles; or if the publisher wants us to synch it we will release everything let’s say by the end of the year, so we will see about that.”

I would not mind that at all. More time to polish it plus marketing would work better for simultaneous release.

God damn that beta trailer looks amazing

obviously lot of stuff still placeholder (faces/heads, voice acting etc)

Cant wait to get home tomorrow and test it.

That’s a great trailer. I didn’t think the voice acting or the heads were terribly bad, either.

Random thought: In the trailer when the narrator says ‘when King Wenceslas was abducted’ I thought “not Good King Wenceslas!”… was I the only one?

That is a fantastic trailer that pushed all my buttons. Signing up at the website ASAP. Yet another game I will need to upgrade my system to play properly!

I never heard of Good King Wenceslas until yesterday when I saw an episode of Modern Family, and Phil called out “good king Wenceslas!” and I googled what the hell, did he really speak about some ancient czech king ? and huh he did because this is a christmas carol about one, whaddyaknow…

If you want to see more stuff, check out their youtube channel

There is a huge number of dev diaries and some older trailers.

Please let us know how far along it is. I have no interest in testing something that’s truly in beta (though I am glad others do). If it’s sufficiently far along to be a good game, though, I may buy in now.

Also, I now have a Christmas carol stuck in my head.

Excellent! There are far too few references to Modern Family on this forum.


I was in god damn belgium on a business trip last week (came back an hour ago) and Modern Family made the lonely hotel nights way more fun than they had any right to be :)