Kingdom Come: Deliverance


16 Gb RAM? Looks like I’m out unless the final version is optimized better.


I recorded first fifteen minutes, just walking around, no spoilers

How is it that I have amazing crisp footage with shadowplay and youtube butchers it whenever there is vegetation ? Why does youtube hate vegetation so much ? :(

I play the beta with 8GB and there is no RAM induced stuttering. Consoles have even less available memory and the game will run on them…somehow…as well.


I have 8 so maybe I’ll take it for a spin


I just can’t get over how insane this game looks. Sorry folks.


that is very pretty. I hope the writing is up to par with the witchers’.


Some beautiful lighting. How big is the map?


afaik in beta around 3km2, in full game it should be about 16km2.

Regarding lightning, the game is using some crytek global illumination


Thanks for the posts, Paul. This looks beautiful.

One question stands between me and spending some money on it: Is there an FOV slider (or at least a working console command which allows you to change field of view)? I am one who occasionally gets motion sickness in first-person games, so it’s critical for me :)


CL_FOV sets fov, 60 is default. I haven’t tested it myself though, I am fine with default settings.
Btw be aware that this is an actual beta. As in still heavily in development, unoptimized, using placeholders kinda affair. Not your standard “this is a demo but we will call it beta” that other companies coughubisoftcough are doing. If you buy it, look at it as a normal preorder with an access into development version as a side bonus.


It’s getting worse as graphics technology develops in games and allows for more detail (swaying grass, bugs flying, leaves falling, etc) and Youtube/Google not keeping up.

TotalBiscuit talks about the issue in this video

OT: This is a GORGEOUS game! I played around with it about 6 months ago but there just wasn’t anything to do and the map was locked down hard. I actually did manage to insult a mercenary in town and he literally chased (and taunted!) me the entire time I explored the map. Felt kind of like a Monty Python Holy Grail skit as I jumped over fences, ducked into buildings, and sometimes just sprinted right past him to avoid his wide swings with his 2-handed sword. Guess I’ll head back in and see if he’s still upset at me…


Is the game structured around a story? I seem to remember someone likening it to Mount & Blade, but this seems more like Witcher and that kind of story driven open world games.


Yeah that is a good video by TB. I hate how youtube destroys the image every five seconds or so. I upload pristine looking footage and it just gets mangled.
But for games with not much vegetation, youtube is fine. For example this Crew video I did:

keeps a pretty decent quality.

Yeah it is a storydriven game, more Witcher than M&B. You are playing a set character, blacksmith-in-training called Henry (Jindřich). Unlike Witcher, this is a historical zero fantasy kind of game. First of its kind for this genre, as far as I know.


That’s ridiculous pretty, Paul. I await for your comments on how is the combat.


And I still want to know how the writing is. I have good hopes for eastern european intellectuals doing their thing, especially as they are eschewing regular fantasy bullshit such as magic and weird monsters. But then it could as well end up a dumb bit of nationalistic conservative male power fantasy.

So, tell me which way is it leaning?


All I know is that the writer’s team has eight people in it incl. the founder of the studio who wrote and designed first two Mafia games. I know they do a huge amount of research to do the setting justice. But I don’t play any quests or dialogues myself because I want to go into the full game unspoiled.
The hand drawn intro was very nice though.

Aaand same here :) For now I just treat the beta as a countryside hiking sim. From what I have seen of the combat, it seems ambitious, interesting, and for now, clunky, but I will wait with playing it for full version.


My Witcher instinct is compelling me to cast Aard on this one.


Never apologize for posting shots like those. They’re all great. I love the little elements of visual world building and storytelling going on in those screen shots.


If they ever get their website back up, I may pre-order this! Looks amazing.


The screenshot are really pretty, wonder how it will run on my aging rig (2600k, 8G, with 970)


I’m almost worried there’s no way for them to live up to that trailer or those screenshots.