Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Considering I only started the game yesterday, yes. But thanks for the gratuitous snark. I wish I could be as smart and handsome as you so obviously are.


Relax, it was a friendly jab. I can see where you’re coming from, new players definitely need information that’s more accessible. On the other hand, what KCD is doing is a pretty elegant UI solution that saves screen real estate and keeps the whole thing tidy and minimalistic.

Unrelated - am I going to stab myself in the foot with a pitchfork if I refuse to work for the miller (after the prologue)? I doubt I’ll get into subterfuge much in this game, mostly because there’s no quick save and it’s easy to get spotted performing criminal activities, and I’d like to keep the number of reloads to a minimum. Just wondering if I’m going to miss out on any great rewards and/or XP.


No worries. It’s tough to see someone’s intent in text. Bygones.


I, um, never got around (yet) to the bit of “work” the miller wanted done, but I did resolve the, um, obligations I had in another way later. So there are options it seems.


Sweet jesus, I nearly fell out of my chair when Radzig and Hanush started roasting that priest, lmao.

Great writing and presentation so far.


Psssssst. Spoilers. Please keep them at a minimum or blurred. You just ruined that surprise for me.


Sorry, it happens early in the game so I thought it wouldn’t be much of a spoiler.


I haven’t reached that point yet, so yeah, spoiler. ;)


The way the game treats religion is, I think, pretty excellent. It makes it a serious part of people’s lives, and the structure of society, but it also shows the deep ambivalence many people felt about the gap between what they’re taught and what the Church actually does. In other words, the roots of the Reformation and all that. And Bohemia is a good place to explore those ideas.


Just went on my first hunt. JFC. This is one of those games that one dreams will one day be made, or at least hopes that a modder will spend 5 years whipping into shape (cough Skyrim cough). Absolutely phenomenal stuff so far. Hands down one of the most immersive games I’ve played to date, and I’m not even on hardcore mode!

edit: In all this excitement I neglected to mention that I felt super bad about shooting bunnies. Oops.


I have deliberately not bought a new game in quite a while now, and I am working through my backlog, but real life has gotten me…occupied.

Other than some MarioKart and Mario on the Switch, in the last 3 or 4 weeks, I have played 3.2 hrs of AoW3 and that is it.

And 1 of those was today. Still a splendid game.

I will however get KCD for Xmas.


Yes! I can’t think of a game that has approached this particular subject better. It also shows the distance between the faith as one sees/believes in/professes it and the faith one actually practices. And in times like ours, it’s a good thing to keep in mind.


We like to think we are so different from people way back when, and in many ways we are, but there are aspects of life today that are pretty much the same as they were whenever. Humans gonna human.


Never been a legit reason.

Seems like a lot of enthusiastic people playing so I’m already skimming the thread to allow myself the pleasant surprises.

Waiting for a PC upgrade next spring.


The game’s been out for months though.


And there are people experiencing it for the first time now. And people yet to experience it. And to ensure they have the best experience, I believe this thread should remain spoiler-free. A separate thread can be created for spoiler stuff.


You’re just trolling me with spoiler cliches now!

Anyway, the enthusiasm is contagious, especially after all the early technical complaints.


Newsflash: it sucked to live in the late middle ages. Especially as a peasant.

That is all.


I lost about an hour of questing progress yesterday after I optimistically rolled into a bandit camp, expecting to cut them down with ease. I love this game.


KCD is a master class in game design. I can’t think of a single rpg that motivates the player through its systems as well as KCD does. Hopefully this won’t change later on (only level 9 atm) but so far I’ve been carefully picking my gear, planning trips, studying map, etc, because the game doesn’t pull any punches. I might’ve squealed with joy when I couldn’t just wade through a river wherever I wanted and instead had to consult my map to locate the nearest bridge. Or when I put on a full visor map only to have Henry pull the visor down in combat and had me deal with narrowed vision. I absolutely love tradeoffs like these in rpgs, it gives the gear meaning beyond just increasing stats until the game eventually ends.

I doubt I’ll ever be able to go back to Skyrim after this. Or Witcher 3, for that matter.