Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Oddly enough, I picked up Witcher 3 a while back on some mega-sale. I love a lot about The Witcher setting and tale-telling, but I cannot get over the console-esque movement/fighting. Having the A and D keys turn you rather than strafe is something I simply cannot get used to, and I flail about like a fool all the time. I’ve never been able to fully enjoy any of the Witcher games because of that.


Did tooltips hurt you as a small child? Show us where they touched you. LOL


Is the combat better in Dark Souls? Both series rely on a lot of goofy rolling from side to side, don’t they?


Never played Dark Souls, so I couldn’t tell you.


I just want to express my solidarity with this post.


X360/Xbone controller is your friend. Plays perfectly with it.


Father Godwin has to be the coolest priest ever, lol

This scene was on par with the Kaer Morhen party in TW3.


With respect, you miss my (perhaps poorly made) point. I don’t like using a controller. It’s not just that controller style inputs on M&K don’t work well for me, it’s that I can’t get my head around controllers and their logic. I had Red Dead Redemption, for instance, on the Xbox, and it was a great game–but one I could not play beyond the earliest bits because I simply could not control the horse or shooting with the controller. I have a controller for the PC, an Xbox 360 model that works perfectly in technical terms, but I just don’t do well with it. What’s more, I don’t have fun with it. At my PC, I want to use the mouse and keyboard. I do not want to sit there juggling those and a controller.

But at the root of it is simply the way my hand-eye coordination is wired. I can do traditional FPS M&K controls well enough, but the whole mindspace that console control sits in escapes me.


Fair enough, in that case my advice was indeed worthless :)
But damn. I hope you manage to somehow give TW3 another chance and gel with it because it is a must play game.


Has anyone done a ‘rogue’ playthrough? I’m super tempted to start a parallel campaign and focus on stealth, stealing and killing enemies from behind.

Just wondering how viable it is in the grand scheme of things.


Bad knight, bad knight, whatcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when the bailiff comes for you?


Holy moly are some battles intense. I just lost a ~10 minute encounter vs ~10 enemies when I got cornered, and I was doing so well too, lol. I’m not even sure what happened, but it looked like two groups of bandits, because one looked like they were armed to the teeth and the other was comprised of fighters wearing some mid tier armor and wooden shields. Initially I only fought one group, and I’m not sure where the other one came from.

In any case, those 10 minutes went by in what felt like seconds. Immersion and tension were through the roof. I never thought battles of attrition could be so much fun.


Generally the game seems not to screw you over, but i ran into one quest situation where it seemed my options were either fight a very hard, perhaps unwinnable, 1 on 4, or tell bad guys something that would be very much not in character for me to tell them. It was one of those situations where the cutscene dumps you into another cutscene, and there’s no chance to avoid what is happening (unless perhaps there’s a dialog choice that works). It’s the only place so far I’ve felt a bit railroaded.

One guide I read said to run away, but I can’t, as the bad guys are way too fast and no matter how I try they just gut me from behind. It seems the game wants me to do something I wouldn’t (in my view of the character) do, but there really isn’t any choice.


You came upon bandits fighting Cumans.

Remember, especially early on, running away is a good tactic. Sometimes it can be impossible to get to your horse and get away but it’s always worth a shot. Then once you do get away, circle back and put some arrows in whoever is straggling.

Though I’ve almost gotten decent at the swordfighting and can land one of my combos occasionally, my main tactic is horse archery. Ride away at a cantor or gallop into an open area while drawing an arrow. Slow the horse down and turn myself back and turn the horse to the side as necessary just as the draw finishes. Line up the shot and take it when they are 10-15ft away. Rinse, repeat. When there are archers I try to kite and separate enemies from them, sometimes turning on them and drawing my sword to make a charge at them (which I can now land maybe 1/4 of the time).

When I get caught in melee, I’m thinking more of how I can defend until I can get mounted again and any hits I get on the enemy are just a bonus.


Nope, it was actually two bandit groups - I know this because I ended up with 2x Bandit Leader Spurs in my inventory after the fight was over. However, I only had quest for one group when I came upon them.


Every time I tried to run, they pulled me off my horse. I just wasn’t fast enough. So I did what a guide said. I sold out whatshisface, then killed the minder they left, and rode down the other SOBs (yes, horse archery ftw, Bohemian Mongols!). Sadly, the corpses of two of them disappeared before I could come back and loot them, as I didn’t loot them immediately as I was chasing down the final bad guy.


Do potions gradually lose effectiveness as timer ticks down? I’ve just used a Nighthawk potion and I noticed my vision got a little more dark as I moved further into the forest, but I also had a cutscene in between so I’m not sure if that was the cause or not.


Worked for the Mongols!


Interesting. I haven’t gotten a quest like that yet. I did run across bandits fighting some Cumans early on which I figured was a random encounter. I just took off and came back later to loot the dead.


I try to call my horse and then sprint initially away from it and try to circle back before I run out of stamina to attempt to get enough separation that I don’t get immediately dismounted. I find it helps if I whistle yakkety sax while doing it. Well, it doesn’t help me succeed, but it makes it more entertaining during the attempt.

Also you can start galloping the second the mounting animation starts.