Kingdom Come: Deliverance


That’s some damn nice lighting.


The website is up ?

I have almost the exact same rig (2500K,8G,970) and the beta runs in 1080p/very high at 25-35fps. But the beta is 100% unoptimized - when I put the game at 1280*720 and everything low, the framerate is the same. So no conclusions about how the full version will run.

I am a bit worried too which is why I am glad they delayed it again for Q4 instead of summer :)


Here are some more from the beta


Thanks, keeping a close eye on it. IIRC the mafia games, especially the first one was quite mature in its content (as opposed to juvenile power fantasy) so that promises.


Yes, especially for its time. Vavra has a column in a local magazine and most of its content is him railing against stupidity in videogame stories and their focus on meaningless violence.


The draw distance and LoD of the distant rendering really helps to add realism to the foreground. Looks gorgeous!


Those are great shots. Looking forward to this (even if it means I need to upgrade… uh… everything!).


I made an interesting discovery: my ISP (AT&T) is either blocking their website or the DNS entry isn’t updated properly. On my phone, I can connect to the website if I turn off wifi and use t-mobile’s network. So it’s related to AT&T somehow. Very strange.


They might have bowed to pressure from the Truth About Wenceslas action group.


Maybe their DNS is messed up? Can you change your router to use googles DNS? They are and


As it turns out, I was using OpenDNS. When I switched my router to Google DNS, the site comes up. I don’t have OpenDNS filtering anything so not sure what happened there. Guess I’ll be using Google DNS from now on.


New article on IGN about the game. Not sure if the videos are new.


Also, there is a major patch, which is currently in open beta in steam, which adds quite a lot to the game. Im going to wait, since it has some issues, but its still a pretty great game in my book.

edit: Sorry - this is…eh…the wrong thread for my post. I thought this was about the sidescroller, Kingdom…!


Henry? Ack. I know it’s trying to be historical and all, but I hate it when RPGs use common names for the protagonist.

Mass Effect had the right idea with a set last name and customizable first name. I suppose in normal dialogue most people wouldn’t refer to each other strictly by the last name, but I still would have preferred a name that’s less common in the modern world.


Delayed to 2017.


Makes sense. And it may means they have secured additional funding.


I think they are being funded by the same guy they have always been funded, but it’s good to see he is willing to give them more time. Their original release estimates were kinda insane anyway, since full development only started after the kickstarter which is only two years and three months ago.


Yes, it sounds complicated as hell. No, I am not sure if they will pull it together into an entertaining and polished game. But I do love the ambition and envelope pushing going on.
Armor and RPG - new update:


Holy cow, that is some crazy complexity. I’m with you, @paul_cze, I love the ambition and I hope they can pull it off.


That’s a great video.

I like how the people in that world look kind of like the developers of the game.