Kingdom Come: Deliverance


I’m really looking forward to playing this when I return home.


A reminder that there is an excellent HD texture pack you can add on for free. If you have the horsepower for it it’s totally worth the download.


Daily deal on steam, 30 bucks now.
I wonder how many copies were sold, does anyone have access to the patreoned version of steamspy? Is it still accurate or not?


Did they ever add a way to disable the headbob?


Apparently a mod does it


Thanks! I will buy it now :) Or re-buy it. I returned it once before, as the headbob made me sick within seconds.


Can you play a lady knight? or is it set?


How “clicky” is combat? My old man hands just can’t handle clickety/clickety combat anymore. Can you stealth-archer the game?


I’m actually not sure - I know that playing a full time archer is certainly viable but I think a camp of enemies will get alerted if they spot a dead colleague. You can however pick off stragglers (people who go to take a leak etc) to reduce their numbers before they attack. The combat itself does have quite a bit of timing with narrow reaction windows involved, especially if you fight more than one enemy, so you may want to look up some videos to see if it would be suitable for you. One thing in particular you should look for is the relation between the start of the enemy swing and the time when your crosshair lights up - this is your counter window and should be used as much as possible, frankly I’m not sure if it’s possible to win the combat by ignoring this mechanic completely - other than peppering them with arrows from a distance of course. But in that case you should know that bows by default do not have a crosshair when drawn so you have to eyeball your shots.


Set character of Henry. There will be a DLC expansion next year with playable female protagonist that will expand a story from her perspective.


The combat is real time and timing based, but not “clicky” as in you are constantly rapidly clicking. The pacing feels like a waltz at times. Cick, one two, click, three four, click, dance around a bit waiting for the next opening.

Since I generally suck at real time timing based combat I have leaned on horse archery. Rather than take a bandit camp head on, I harass them. I ride around to get them to chase me and try to split them up a bit. Then when nobody is aiming a bow at me I slow down and let the lead guy catch up and try to pop and arrow in him before galloping off again. When things are one on one, and the enemy isn’t all armored up, then I’ll dismount and get some melee practice in. This does often result in my running back to my horse to return to archery.

I’ve also had some success at rushing archers and slicing at them from horseback. Doing the standard gallop perpendicular to them as they aim and loose and then straight in as they ready another arrow. Though this did not work very well before I got some decent armor since I often still take an arrow in the process.

I did spent a lot of time doing archery contests to get a feel for the shooting. At the beginning I even ran a plumb line down the center of my monitor to get a feel for how to judge center using the knuckles of my bow hand.


Wow, GOG is not fucking around with their 10 year celebrations.
Kingdom Come + Shadow Tactics + Battle Chasers for 25 usbucks.


Whoa, thanks for the heads up! Is there any reason to prefer the Steam version to GOG in this case?


Nope, as long as you can accept GOG’s slower patching procedure (which shouldn’t impact this game much).


Yeah, that’s not really an issue for me with a single player game this far after release.

Modding is more often the dealbreaker if the Steam Workshop is the only possibility, but I don’t see any reason to worry in this case.


so…this game is good, right?


GOTY material.


I am just on the cusp of getting it, but I read more than a few reports of entire playthroughs becoming useless because of buggy quest logic. Is that an issue any of you had?


From what I’ve observed 1.4.3 (version I played) is very stable, I don’t think I’ve had a single quest related bug. If the reports you’ve seen were from earlier this year then it’s possible they were referencing release version which, from what I’ve read, was riddled with bugs.


The reviews are recent, but I try to take techical complaints on Steam with a grain of salt unless they represent the majority of reviews.