Kingdom Come: Deliverance


I wouldn’t say so, unless you enjoy playing first person games in general with a gamepad.


I’d love to be able to play this, but the apparently un-moddable or adjustable head-bob in the game makes it a vomit simulator for me.


Well that’s not good. Most games don’t affect me - but every once in a while head bobbing gets me feeling sick. This is high on my 'to play’list in January.


I use the “Unlimited saves - schnapps version” and have no issues. All it does is change the “consumed schnapps” value on save to zero. No changes to saves or anything.

Also, I think you can save&exit at any point.


Good to know.


Doesn’t this mod work? Headbob is also a problem for me often.


Btw anyone who kickstarted KCD, the making of documentary is in your steam movie library (if you linked your steam profile with KCD profile on kcd website).

Gopher who is doing a letsplay right now had insurmountable issues with the headbob but with the mod linked by ImaTarget he can play without significant issues, here is a vid he did about it showcasing the mod




So this is on sale, and looks like my type of game. Has it improved at all since it’s apparently rocky launch?


I bought it and installed it but I’m in fear of launching it. Everything I read about it is ‘great’ or ‘bugs’.


I have run into two bugs that required going back to an earlier save after 60 hours (I play all games like 2x slower than everybody else). Both were of the type were an event failed to fire meaning I stood around and couldn’t talk to who I needed to, they just didn’t respond. Neither was the main quest line. This last bug I just quit, will probably come back and finish it because I was really enjoying it up to that point.

My other issue was with the saved game system. It’s actually not that bad, I don’t mind the limited saves but various game bugs, uncertainty over what beds actually let you save, etc all pissed me off to no end. I unwillingly replayed so many parts because of it.

Despite the above I thought it was a brilliant game. The story and acting especially drew me in with my only complaint being their voice casting for the digital avatars. In half the cases the voice just doesn’t seem to be a good match for the model. The acting is good though so it’s a minor complaint.


Game was patched big time since release. I played it months ago and didn’t run into any bugs.


I have been playing for 30 hours and only had an event not fire once. Since I use an unlimited saves mod that’s a non issue. The auto saves in quests are usually plenty anyways. A restart of the game or reload of a bit earlier save always fixed it. It is a great game but the combat is surprisingly hard. It takes serious time investment to get good statwise and is a prime example why I am sometimes not a fan of level by use. I must have spent two hours of my playtime in training combat without really feeling much progress in my chars abilities. I don’t have that kind of time to waste. Not to mention the time I spent running around picking flowers. Or sneaking about shooting a bow at and missing rabbits. A lot. It’s not the stuff of heroic legend for sure. If you are into That kind of realism it’s great. I enjoy hunting in the forest because it relaxes me but it’s not necessarily a fun mechanic.


Played the game through in it’s entirety about five months back (after all the patching had finished) and didn’t have a single problem. Probably my game of the year. No matter how good at games you are, you can’t start and expect to survive fights against multiple opponents. The game slowly introduces elements to you through training. It’s a very natural progression that makes complete sense and doesn’t ‘ruin’ the game. Most missions can be completed in many ways, diplomacy, stealth, gung-ho and you can suit your own style.

Really, really worth getting.

[edit] The DLC’s really didn’t add too much IMHO, so don’t feel you need them to enjoy the game. [/edit]


I got the main game a while ago without the DLCs, just getting all the DLC while they are on sale… I played a bunch, overall I like it, haven’t encounter any bugs so far. I’m using KBM to play, so the fighting after a lot of training seem to be OKish now, as now I can actually reliably slash/poke the enemy, before that I can’t hit anything. I’m not so sure about the archery though, I’m just bad with the bow, currently I can kill a deer after few dozen arrows, probably because the bow has no aiming cross hair, and my bow stat is crap, you just have to really learn how to properly aim/shoot the arrows.


Only mod I used was a crosshair for the bow. Definitely came in handy.


Didn’t realise there was a mod, I just used a non permanent marker and put a crosshair on my screen.


Can anyone recommend this game for PS4 pro? The default save system sounds like a deal breaker without a mod and I don’t think PS4 would have a save mod


How big a sale and where? I keep expecting it to hit Humble


29.99 on steam