Kingdom Come: Deliverance


I have both PC version and PS4 Pro version. Tested it on Pro, it runs 1080p at what seemed as stable 30fps. Disadvantages compared to PC version are weaker texture quality and loading times, other than that it is ok.
Save system is not that bad as long as you make it a point to learn how to brew the saviour schnapps drink. It has a “Save and exit” that you can use anytime as well.


Great, practically no bugs anymore


Thank you. I’ll definitely give it a look after I finish 2nd Prey play through. I don’t care too much about the reduced textures and the load times can’t be as bad as The Witcher 3…can they?


I’v played it on the XBox One and now the One X, and load times seem negligible to me. It’s an interesting game, but it’s pretty janky in comparison to Rockstar’s slick games. In particular, lockpicking with a controller is infuriating, but I understand it’s straightforward with a mouse. Also, I find fist combat highly tedious and annoying. I think the writing is quite good.


Thanks, is there a pack with all DLC?


One of the devs mentioned in a livestream that a pack containing all the DLC will be announced after the final two add-ons release. I’m holding off on starting until then.


Same same then!


I have a question for those of you that have finished the game. I played a fair number of hours but then put the game aside due to time constraints.

When I stopped playing, I had just made my way in the monastery to conduct the investigation.

Without spoiling anything, could you tell me how far along the main questline I am.


~2/3 or so. But the ending dragged quite a bit in my opinion.


Thanks, that means I should be able to fit it in my schedule soon. I just don’t want to jump back in and have to put it aside again, since that would pretty much guarantee that it would remain unfinished forever.


Wow, this is a nice looking game. I only have a 970 GTX and it still looks nice with a decent frame rate.

I just won a fist fight to collect a debt and I have no idea how I won. The combat definitely is not intuitive.


You are a peasant boy with no idea how to fight, so the game simulates that experience for you :)
Seriously though you will suck at all kinds of combat at the start. To get better, never turn down opportunity to train.


Boy do I have trouble with this game. I’m at the point where I need to warn the other town and I keep getting run down by the bad guys and slaughtered as I’m riding my horse.


Just run/ ride, and don’t stop for anything.It took me a few tries.


I finally made it. My problem is I find it awkward to ride the horse with mouse + kb.

Do people prefer mouse + kb or controller?


I play with a controller on this one…I think M+KB are super annoying for games like this.




Same here. Once you get used to mouse/kb it’s not bad, but to throw you into a chase like that from the beginning, it’s a bit much. I died a couple of times and then just barely barely made it to safety.


Controller myself, but I know people who couldn’t play it with it :)


Teaser for band of bastards, february 5th