Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Warhorse got bought by THQ Nordic.

THQ Nordic AB’s indirectly wholly owned subsidiary Koch Media GmbH has today entered into an agreement to acquire Prague-based Warhorse Studios s.r.o, a leading game developer behind award-winning Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The purchase price amounts to EUR 33.2 million on a cash and debt free basis. Warhorses’ net sales in 2018 amounted to approximately EUR 42 million, with an adjusted EBIT of approximately EUR 28 million.



Where is THQ Nordic getting all this money for buyouts from?



Lars Wingefors, the CEO, is a very, very wealthy man.



That sucks, I hoped Warhorse would remain independent and build a czech equivalent of CDP over time.

But I guess their investor who owned 70% of Warhorse wanted to get a quicker return on his investment.

Could be worse, I like THQ Nordic, the stupidity with Metro exclusivity notwidthstanding…



Yeah, they seem to give their developers creative freedom. They’ll probably let Warhorse do their own thing, so even if a Kingdom Come sequels launches on the Epic launcher at least it’ll be the game the studio wanted to make.



Oh, that’s the reason. I didn’t know they were owned by a private investor. I was wondering why sell the company if they had funds for a sequel, even if they are notably more ambitious.



Yeah they spent 2 years trying to get money to start the studio and in the end when Dan was almost out of his savings, through sheer luck got a contact for Zdeněk Bakala who gave them the money to start (and when after creating a prototype, no publisher picked it up, he and kickstarter backers provided the full funding). So he got 70% there.



I’ve played around 25 hours, maybe a bit less with idling and I’m having trouble wanting to get back into it. 84% of owners at least completed the first quest, but only 12% completed the main story - so I guess I’m not alone. I’m usually all over story heavy RPGs.

The setting is good and I probably enjoyed 70% of what I played, but some is just too tedious. It’s a game I want to like, and the outdoors is lovely. Sometimes the enemy AI is a little wonky too - like archers who get confused whether they should hold there ground or get some distance. They sure don’t have CDProjectRed level writing either.



Restarted this, as I’d forgotten what was going on. So in combat, if it’s Q to block, is that directional? Ie do I have to block in the direction of the incoming blow? I’ve done a couple of early fist fights so far this time around and I’m still not clear how it works.



Yes, combat is all directional, swinging and blocking.



I think counters work for any direction, but I might be wrong, been a while since I played. It’s all I used at the time though, felt a bit like Assassin’s Creed in that regard.



You can use Q to block and it will still work, but you benefit from the direction of your weapon. The lead designer Viktor Bocan said that it’s more successful and takes less stamina to make a block if you are copying your opponents attack direction.