Kingdom Come: Deliverance


They almost look like they are…Czechs! :)


Oh and here is a talk Dan Vavra had at Reboot Develop, this one about writing/quest design, showing their screenwriting tool and stuff like that. At the end there is some brutal honesty about how hard this thing is to make :)

Btw Patrice Desilets showed interest in Skald, apparently.


Have they talked about the combat system? How does that star icon work?


My intuition was that the star was showing some sort of vulnerability. I also noticed that it didn’t show up all the time, so I wonder if it’s based on some sort of combat proficiency - that would make sense.

So the skills level up with use. Does that mean we’ll all be bunny-hopping around to level up our jump skills (ala Morrowind)? Or will we be able to pay a trainer and jump rope for 10 minutes to level it up? Can’t wait to find out!


This is a video showcasing and discussing the combat system in good detail:

The star works as selector where you want to strike/defend, you can feint attacks with it as well.


Quite a while since latest update, here is a new one about the status of the project going in a lot of detail:


This game is still coming this year, right?
Haven’t followed the development though it looked interesting when I saw the kickstarter. Had almost forgotten about it though, so just wondering what the current status is. Based on the december video I guess “polish, polish, polish”? Have they announced a release date yet?


They are still working hard on it, they will be at E3, I guess release date might be announced there.
Latest updates were about cutscenes/actors/characters


Okay, if they’ve got Brian Blessed, then I’m definitely in.


Thanks for the update!


I thought that was the lead designer (who also has a sizable beard) after years of accumulated stress.


Something being teased

Probably a release date.


I always enjoy announcement announcements.


They don’t often come in form of such nice teasers with in engine footage though.


Snark aside, it did actually look very good. This is one of the few upcoming games I’m really looking forward to.


Hopefully the gameplay matches the graphics. Such a beautiful looking game. I want to immerse myself in that world.


Is this a mount and blade style of game?


No, more a conventional RPG but in a realistic setting.


Feb 2018.

This makes it look a little like a cheaper Witcher.


I don’t know if that is an insult (cheap…) or a praise (Witcher 3 is, after all, the best game ever made), but it is actually most likely an accurate assesment - it will be storydriven open world RPG done on much smaller budget than Witcher 3 (around 10 million, compared to Witcher 3’s 40).

(actually I suspect I do know .p)