Kingdom Come: Deliverance


It’s just an observation :)

That English voice work is a bit wooden.


I don’t disagree there. Still my most anticipated game right now though, alongside Cyberpunk.
Do you like that cover visible at the end? They did a little poll on KCD forums sometime ago, the one with Henry kneeling won and now it is official, am glad about it, it looks great.


I thought the big selling point for this game was realism, but that trailer is all about EPIC DRAMA and cinematic presentation. There’s literally a duel in a burning building, a horse chase with arrows being shot at a fleeing protagonist, and a hero cast lineup before setting out, etc. The environments and assets look great, but the presentation (at least in the trailer) just seems like stereotypical period action stuff.


Errm, how do those things clash with being realistic? People couldn’t fight in burning building or have arrows shot at them while riding a horse in real world ?

I mean obviously the game does not start that way, you will start as nothing and become a knight over the story, but the game is supposed to have a pretty epic story and that was always intended. Realism comes from aspects like how swordfighting works, how food gets rotten, how clothing and layers work, how stealth works etc etc.


People can also have epic awesome gunfights in pillow factories so feathers fly around in slo-mo while they jump between packing crates and leap off buildings while attack helicopters shoot at them. People can blow up cars and walk away without turning around to look at them. None of that is outside the realm of possibility. The question is whether or not the combination of events and presentation trips past believability and into melodrama.

My issue is that for a game that was originally touted as a gritty realistic presentation of medieval life, that trailer is showing me the kinds of scenes I would expect to see in a stereotypical action game. Now, by itself there’s nothing wrong with being an action game, but it’s just not what I expected based on how the game was pitched early on.

The game may turn out great. I may love it. But, I’m apparently going to continue to wait for an RPG that presents a realistic depiction of medieval life.


I think absence of magic was one of the big ‘realism’ things.


I just watched it after reading your posts. Maybe your post setup expectations for me, but I found it pretty low key compared to what you lead me to expect. The brief scene with the sword fight is in a broken building, and you can see a couple of bushes in the background nearby that are burning, but the building itself doesn’t seem to be on fire. Fleeing arrows wasn’t done in an overly flashy way either, and neither was the hero shot, since the hero shot consisted of lots of guys who all look a little pudgy, and not what you normally see in a hero shot like that.


I backed the kickstarter years ago. I am completely amazed that this is not actually vaporware and has a date. However, i am not going to hold my breath until, and unless, it is released.


If you want a nice depiction of realistic medieval life, I already have a one for you:

Now, can we also get some cool epic stuff with our realism? Please ? :D


We already have a good depiction of realistic medieval life:


The trailers are just there to trick the kids. You’ll be digging latrines in no time.


The bar for realism in medieval RPG’s was set pretty low by the time Kingdom Come arrived. A big part of their pitch was that there would be no dragons, elves, orcs, or wizards in the game. The villages, weapons, and armor are all depicted accurately and there is also the realistic damage model:

I’ve shown the demo to a person who practices HEMA and they were impressed by how accurate the swordfighting looked.


New gameplay from E3:

How about them throwing poo for simulation of medieval life, huh?

Dialogue scenes look still terrible and heavy work in progress, some terrible pop-in, but I am seeing it come together.


I’m sure they saved a lot on art by having everyone have the same skin.


Yes, I am sure it is quite fortuitous for their budget that the 16km2 area of 1403 Bohemia where the game takes place was white, just like it is today in the age of airplanes, globalisation and mass migration.


I was wondering what the racial makeup of their actual location is, I know there are a lot of places in East Europe with practically nothing but whites.

Still, between this and the game​r gate nods early on, I can’t say I’m not wary of these people.


It would be impossible to make a historically accurate game set in medieval Bohemia that wasn’t filled with white people.


That’s racist!

Anyway, it sounds like this game will test the idea of “well it’s early so surely they have time to polish it up.”


Czechland is very homogenic, around 95% are white czechs even today. Warhorse have inhouse historian and consulted with top czech historians on the demographics of back then as well. You can travel to Rataje nad Sázavou today and see for yourself ;)


But it has dragons! If it has dragons, then…

Oh wait. It doesn’t.