Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You are talking about a tooltip for whistling for a horse = also it so happens to prevents rape in this specific moment too! An introduction.

No, I choose to draw steel every.single.time.

In the early game, that’s like saying “I choose to reload a save game every.single.time”. Until both you and your avatar get good, combat can be a bit frustrating. Getting as much practice as possible in a non-lethal situation is pretty important.

Not really. In fact I would push against that based on the only counter argument I see right now is “the pop-up tooltips tutorials will save us” which is bad…, but also which appear under extreme distress situations.

Talk about bad timing. They needed to forecase this in calmer waters like the sword fighting which does not ever matter at this point (do ya get it…)

I think they’re also trying to emphasise to you that combat, especially early when you’re not trained/armoured up is suicide. It’s not a typical RPG, you need to think outside the box on most occasions. They want you to die a few times so you realise you’re not the “chosen one”, you’re just a grunt who doesn’t stand a chance in a fight against a skilled, equipped opponent or a group.

I had to watch a youtube of that when I played the game because I couldn’t figure out what they wanted. But what they wanted was for you to just ride like the wind as far as you could (until the cut scene kicked in). This game has a pretty tough learning curve at the start.

But it is a great game.

So after the prologue I guess I immediately activated a DLC quest line. It takes place a day before your village was attacked and you play as Theresa.

That should only activate if you talk to Theresa at the mill and ask her to recap what happened.

And there is a special icon in the dialogue to indicate it is a DLC…

I recommend doing it later, but ymmv.

Agree with the above. Theresa’s story is fantastic, but it really should be experienced further into Henry’s own story, same with most of the other DLC. I would recommend leaving the special icons that denote DLC storylines alone until you’re at least familiar with the UI and map, semi-capable at combat and somewhat well-equipped.

Too late! I already finished Theresa’s story. She had it a lot worse during the attack. Also they went with my attack against the soldiers grabbing her as the canonical distraction option, not the whistle…so HA!

The main annoying thing was actually the dog, which easily botched several stealth segments.

Damn, that was fast, I am impressed. Just fyi this was not the entirety of Woman’s Lot, there is a questline later in the game which is fantastic (and played as Henry).

I noticed some quests are time sensitive. Like the town guard beat me to the punch finding something. Doh.

Also in one of the early towns you go to, the Priest you meet there gives you two quests, but progressing in one may cause the other to fail as they both take place and take up most of the night. I had to reload to figure out the order of operations in order to complete both. (took 2 separate nights)

Also not a fan of the save system. I’ve already lost 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there, repeating the same segments over and over again, including mundane stuff like looting containers. I don’t got time for that. Also something I already had enough of in the prologue. No thanks. I grabbed the unlimited save mod. This makes alchemy much more optional rather than a defacto required activity to brew schnapps, which I think is fine. (the game really wants you to level up all the skills)

There is consumable that you can make or buy that allows you to quick save whenever you want. I forget what you need to make it but I think the bath houses sell it. Very much worth the cost. Also, as in many games there are timers on some quests and others contradict.

No need. I am not part-taking in their forced-alchemy “to make save potions” resource economy. I’ve decided to opt out of it completely. Sorry not sorry.

Sure, but rarely if ever does two completely separate quests from the same quest giver in the same conversation ever conflict! Which is exactly the case here.

You have to prioritize one over the other but it isn’t obvious because you don’t know what one of the quests entails until you’ve committed to it (The three witches ritual takes up hours in the evening), resulting in auto-failing the other one (meeting the priest at the tavern in the evening) because of time constraints.

Also basically doing both pretty much all but guarantees you’ll arrive too late in resolving the next story mission (which already happened for me: Reeky dies)

So right now I misled the bandits looking for Tim, talked to Tim at the farm to learn the location of the bandit camp. I have not moved on with the main quest yet and decided to do some side quests, to my peril. Suffice is to say it has been a long enough time now that if reporting in for the next story quest has any time sensitively I’ll get the worst of it.

I remember doing both of these. Maybe the one with “witches” can be done another day?

Also, meeting priest at the tavern is a must. If you skipped that one, reload.

The witches can be done later, and should be done later. Actually a lot later due to the haste required in the next story mission that starts immediately after drinking with the priest.

The problem arises when you try to do the witches quest before meeting the priest because there isn’t anything that tells you it will take all night long.

I would not recommend skipping alchemy. It is a very useful skill to have, not just for Savior Schnapps, but for several other potions which make life much easier in certain situations throughout the game. There is also at least one quest in the main storyline that is going to be far less frustrating if you have a decent alchemy skill.

As a bonus, picking herbs will eventually lead to the “Leg Day” perk, which increases strength, as well as increasing your Herbalism skill (also handy to have at decent levels). If you have the patience for it, you can pick hundreds of herbs in the prologue in Skalitz, netting you the Leg Day perk, a lot of points in Herbalism, and enough cash (from selling them in town) to outfit yourself decently before you even begin the main game. You can also train with the swordsman in Skalitz for quite some time (just ignore his instructions and simply move around, poking and swinging at him) which will increase several stats and skills, giving you yet another small advantage when you leave the prologue for the main game.

Alchemy is a skill that’s really immersive and interesting the first bunch of times you do it. It starts off being fun to grind herbs, boil them, mix, then distill the results, etc.

Then you want to craft 50 of something, and uuuuuhhhhggg. Eventually, you do get a way to automate alchemy crafting (though I think you’re penalized by not generating as many outputs given the inputs), but earning the skill points to automate takes way too long. I think I watched someone stream for something like hours while smashing through crafting for the skill points. If they had made that automation a little easier to reach, I think it would be OK - but it was really far too grindy.

I remember doing both as well.

But the game mechanic of having quests conflict is pretty common.

Also you really don’t need to make the potions, they are readily available at the bath houses. I found this game to be much more enjoyable when I didn’t have to worry about losing several hours exploration time because I ran into 3-4 enemies and died.

I am not skipping alchemy entirely, just the urgent need to use it for grinding out save potions.