Kingdom Come: Deliverance


I’m not sure what the point is, since I game set in medieval Europe is going to be populated with medieval Europeans.


New gameplay trailer:

Still looks rough around the edges in lipsync, animation and framerate areas, but the immersive-simmy design and world exploration is gonna be great


Definitely playing this.


Hey woah, there’s a firm release date of Feb 18 now. So i guess the game is almost finished.


As my D&D characters can attest, plate armor can be defeated by four feet of water (I played dwarves).

This looks pretty neat! Hmm this is a controller game, not KVM?


Definitely both mouse+ keyboard and xinput controllers. Personally I will play on TV so controller for me.


I find myself torn between wanting to play this on PC or on the PS4. Small screen, better graphics vs big screen, comfy couch? Ah, 1st world problems.


Steam Link was super cheap recently :)
I solved the connundrum by having both PC and Pro connected to same TV, so all multiplats are running from PC.


I just now came across the trailer and I am liking what I see. One question though: is this a sort of realistic, quasi historical kind of game? Or to boil my question down to its core, any elves, wizards or magic swords involved?


Ah, I see I just didn’t scroll up quite enough, that appears to answer my question! Better and better!


Yeah, it is game made by czechs in czechland about some interesting events from czech/european history, with no fantasy elements anywhere. You can imagine how that makes me excited, considering that I have wanted to play realistic historical singleplayer RPG forever, and having one about my own country is a super cool bonus :)

They also released a very nice new update about the music and music system in KCD



Nice article.


Holding your preview session in a castle is so hot right now.


New gameplay video


A big WOW on that lighting. The shadows and the lighting outside, plus the light that’s coming from inside the tents too. Very nice. I love their map too. Very fanciful.


I didn’t notice when watching it first time but the video is actually recorded in 4K, thus being completely sharp and free of any compressions artifacts. And damn is it a beauty indeed. Hopefully I can run it in 1080p at 60.


What do you guys think of the realistic combat? In the video, he gets attacked by an off-screen enemy and it’s pretty jarring, and at one point he’s on the ground looking up. Will those quick first-person shaky camera movements become fatiguing or nauseating?

Based on what I’ve seen, I’m going down the “stealthy archer” skill tree for sure.


Awesome, I’m going to be a dark elf.


I think the sword combat will take a while to get used to, but there will be arena for training so I will spend sometime there to get a good grip on it. I love how it is physically based and the swords are actually clashing and properly modeled with inverse kinematics.


It will definitely take a while to get used to. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game with combat like this before.