Kingdom Hearts - corrupted save file

Any of you know anything we can do? My kids are bummed. They spent 30-40 hours getting to where they are in the game and the only save file they have apparently is corrupted.

Well for heaven’s sake, don’t let them reverse engineer the memory card because the DMCA thugs will bust down your door, confiscate your kids’ piggy banks, kick in the television, pee on your dog and then dissapear into the night in their black helicopters.

pee on your dog

Now that’s just cruel.


The DMCA is just that evil.

Anyway…as for a real suggestion…your only hope is to find somebody who is also playing the game that would be willing to make a copy (I assume the PS2 lets you copy memory cards right?) of the savegame file and send it to you.

Of course, you need to find somebody who is approximately at the same place your kids are.

Here are a bunch for download, most are ‘cheat’ or end of the game ones, some appear to be only part of the way through though, you may find something close to what you need. I think you’ll need some sort of cable/3rd party mem card combo to get them to the ps2 though.

Better than nothing, hope it helps.


Can you tell me what I need to transfer a file from the pc to the PS2 memory card? Just so you know, I have no idea what I’m doing.


And you call yourself a game geek? Sheesh.


My wife posted that last message by me. She doesn’t call herself a gamer. That’s the last thing she’d call herself.

i tried that once to but they wouldn’t unban me from the RtCW server

Tom, you thought my comment about Mark’s dog was cruel. Well take a look at this article that describes how Sony threatened to prosecute a guy who figured out how to make his Aibo dance.

Wanna guess what law they were citing?

In order to avoid just this problem, I tend to keep 2 (sometimes 3, but rarely) files going. I alternate which I save to. It also helps if you made a choice you didn’t like, but that’s not as big a deal in Square games.