Kingdom - Korean historical fantasy Walking Dead on Netflix


Drats! What was that Korean Zombie TV show on Netflix?

Just hope it doesn’t turn into the same kind of torture porn that Walking Dead did…


Looks good, but Korean? It sounded like Japanese to me (hope that doesn’t come off as racist).


Those hats are Korean nobility. I think they are gats.


It’s Korean. Trust me on this one.


Am I the only one that watched this? It’s darned good. The Korean take on undead was an interesting spin and the fact that it weaved in a lot of the royalty drama was cool.


I liked it. It’s too short and ends in a cliffhanger.

They didn’t make the shots too dark that’s my favorite thing.


I started watching it with Korean audio and English subtitles but I began drifting off immediately; I will have to re-try while I’m more awake. I really want to like it, if that counts for anything!


I finished it last night and liked it a lot. It gets better as it goes on. I watched with the English dialogue, no subtitles and that worked fine. The end came rather sudden and leaves you wanting more. I will be watching for the next season.


Ah! So here we are. Tom’s stream recalled this show. Then marq linked some imagery, it looked horrible!

fascinatingly horrible… so what’s the theme?


Zombies in ~1700-1800s feudal korea. They eat people. People fight back. There’s also some weird palace intrigue thing mixed in. There’s good guys and bad guys.


Just finished it. That was awesome. It did start a bit slow, which I suppose was necessary to set everything up — it is a fairly complicated story.

But by Ep3 it really ramped up and I watched it pretty much straight through after that.