Kingdom - Korean historical fantasy Walking Dead on Netflix

I had somehow missed this thread the first time around. How did Season 2 turn out?

If you enjoyed season 1 than I think you would enjoy season 2.

Season one started strong and got better and better. Season two started strong, mostly held steady, but stumbled as it wrapped up. And the finale was awfully clumsy. I couldn’t wait for more Kingdom after the ending of season one, but after the ending of season two, I’m all, like, eh, whatever…

Still, along with Black Summer, this is easily the best zombie TV. Walking who?


Wow, I am inferring from the post above that @tomchick liked Black Summer? I watched two or three episodes and I really couldn’t get past the terrible… uh… everything. Is it safe to say if I didn’t like it at that point I will not come around? Or does it improve?

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Standalone movie prequel to the series. Not bad. Was confusing for a second or two. A couple of things were contrived but overall ok.

The Jurgen that saw that tiger should have been convinced the freaking monster did kill the other Jurgen.

I heard it’s a bit of a prequel. Can I watch it before finishing Season 2?

Yes it is a prequel. The tie in only appears near the end.

I don’t remember S2 well enough but I think you could. Safer to just watch S2 thought.