Kingdom Rush Frontiers (TD - iPad)

I just bought the game because I loved the first game. Anyone else playing?

So far having fun!

Do have to say there is quite a bit of microtransactions available. Can buy heroes which I do not mind so much but than other items that probably make it easier to win (such as dynamite, more hearts, etc).

Damn, those are some expensive heroes…the dragon is 7.99 by itself!

Yes, more than the game itself!

I am really liking this game. I am generally sick of tower defense but there is something about this series that hooks me each time, even if it doesn’t add anything especially new to the genre. I loved the original kingdom rush when it was a flash app on armorgames. Some reviews are saying not many new features have been added from the last game, but they must have really reworked the original since I last played (or I am forgetting it) because there’s alot of new stuff here! I don’t remember heroes or items in the original.

Only downside is that there aren’t that many free heroes (3 I think) and the paid ones look alot cooler and are prohibitively expensive for such a small addition. The item buying I really don’t care about as I seem to be earning so many gems just by playing to buy whatever I want.

I never really cared much for the heroes in Kingdom Rush, so I’m not too fussed about the extent of the hero IAP in this version. If they’re getting to your hero, your tower set-up has failed, in general. That said, they do seem to be more fleshed out with the skill trees in Frontiers.

Just to confirm, you know that you can move your hero anywhere in the map right? I always put him on the front lines, so your comment didn’t make much sense to me.

Yeah, I know, but apart from boss fights, the hero’s most useful as a backstop for when things get through your towers, so having them at the front line is risky.

Finished the main KR campaign, but not the Elite missions. Worth picking this up, or should I finish the entire first one?

I like it and I think it is worth 5 bucks especially if you liked the first. If someone is on the fence and willing to wait - it will probably go on sale eventually.

$5? It was £2 when I bought it. Or is the iPad version more expensive?

It’s more expensive. Unfortunately they pulled the silly HD app nonsense instead of making the app universal - so you have to buy it twice if you want to play on both iPhone and iPad. :/

The game is great though and a must buy especially if you never played the original or you want more of the same. Frontier largely feels like an expansion, not a sequel, so just go in knowing that.

I’m going to play this with the force of a thousand gravities. I’m going to play this with the intensity of a thousand suns. I’m going to play this with the…well…hell…I’m just going to play this a lot.

I love the first one…played it on iOS and PC. Frontiers is definitely my next iOS purchase. Just have to finish Great Big War Game first (almost done!)…not easy with a cranky 10 month old attached to me all the time, haha.

Unless you breastfeed at zero-G, playing the latest KR would be impossible whilst lending a baby your breasts. Unless your partner is lending a hand, he’d also get distracted, which would make for a quick defeat anyway. Unless you’re in a symbiotic relationship.

I’m still playing the old one every now and then, so I’ll most certainly try this one! Question though: is this even remotely playable on Iphone? Seems awfully small to me…?

Does this one have the incredible difficulty spike the first one had about 2/3-3/4 through? I got to a point where my tower setups never seemed to work.

I am having some difficulty on causal on certain maps. Have to grind a bit to advance your stars for upgrades just like the first.

I always play to eventually beat every map without losing one heart - cannot do that yet.

I think I’m about 1/2 through the maps and have been able to 3-star all but a couple levels on my first try. I also went back and did the 2 advanced versions of the first two maps, and was able to beat them all on my first try.

I can’t remember if the analagous levels from the first game were that easy or not, but I know in the first game they got pretty damn hard further in.

Having trouble with Beresad’s Lair - woo hoo it is hard and I am on causal. I have archers, warrior, mage upgrades all maxed with most of artillery as well.

Did anyone notice how the game will say “Might & Magic” every so often?

Wondering if that s a homage or just an accident (unless I am totally out of the ballpark).