Kingdom Rush Frontiers (TD - iPad)

I can’t remember if the analagous levels from the first game were that easy or not, but I know in the first game they got pretty damn hard further in.

It definitely takes longer to get harder, and it’s also possible to 3 star even if you lose a life (or two?) . But the last few levels are really hard.

I picked up the original last week since IGN was (is?) giving out free codes, and was in the same boat as you. But since I wasn’t able to get through the first elite mission I tried, I decided to buy this. And I love it. Nothing revolutionary compared to the first one, but it spices things up just enough to still feel fresh.

Have to say, these two games are by far my favorite TD games since Defense Grid.

I’ve easily put 100 hours into both Kingdom Rush games. Extremely well executed. Achievements are fun to go for too.

I recently started Kingdom Rush on my android phone. I think I got it as part of a humble android bundle. It’s so good! And you guys have been keeping it a secret by hiding mentions of it in iOS and iPad and iPhone threads. Shame on you!

After I finish KR, I’ll surely have to get Frontiers. There’s only two games in the series so far, right?

I think I also saw one called Origins or Legacy or something similar (a Prequel?) while scrolling around the market the other day. . . Yeah, looks like it’s called Origins.

Having played through both the first and Frontiers, I have now put in some time into Origins. All three are excellent games. Really enjoyable.

Origins came out a couple weeks ago.

I used to like this game a lot but then they added the shop and I find it hard to beat things without needing the specials.

They ruined the game as far as I am concerned.

It’s entirely doable, though you do need to level up your hero and towers/skills to get three stars on all levels. I’ve got three stars on all the levels at normal difficulty and heroic and iron challenges on almost all of them without using any specials

The game is great and much mileage can be had out of the basic characters. Asking up to $10 AUD for new characters is a bit steep IMHO.

This was my anxiety. The game looks interesting, but also it looked like there were some really unappealing F2P mechanics in there as well (despite the game costing money).

I didn’t find any of the purchases necessary, at all. Leveling the existing heroes is completely doable and not even all that grind-y.

When it first game out it was great, then it seems like when they went shop it changed. Not sure when everyone else played but I finished Kingdom Rush and beat it went back to play it again by starting over and could not finish it again.

Granted I am not the greatest player, but when I play Tower Defense games I play a lot and keep trying different tactics. But I could not get the same results.

I beat both games and didn’t spend a dime in-game, and I’m not even good at these types of games (basically only played Defense Grid and these more than a few levels). I did buy stuff in the shop, but only with the currency you make just by playing the game.

If you like tower defense games then get this game, its one of the best. I purchased it between this and my last post and from having played KR Frontiers will say its just as good if not better.

The game features a hero unit that can be moved around the map, leveled up (this part is mostly fluff in that its easy to get them to top level) and is definitely needed to complete levels. You get three heroes with the base game and can purchase more if wanted. You don’t need to purchase more to beat the game. Don’t be put off by this IAP system if considering purchasing the game, you will get a very good and fully fleshed out game for the base price.

The only way to get new heroes past the first three is to buy them individually? No bundles or anything? They seem awfully expensive considering you got like eight free in the original. The free fairy hero is too annoying to use with the sound on, so now I’m down to two.

I’ve heard they do sales, but I don’t know how they advertise them. I can’t be buggered checking in to see if a sale is on. Its a bit of a shit system but I guess for $4 you get a great game and then if you’re a whale you can go crazy spending.

It is a great game despite the heroes purchasing system.

A wiki says you didn’t get 8 free in the original. I’m pretty sure I did, so I guess they changed that at some point? Weird they don’t even really give you a free melee guy.

Currently free!

Blast, nothing for Android folks :(