Kingdom under Fire: Wyverns

Kingdom under Fire: Wyverns

Sometimes you go through life not knowing a certain thing and having no real occasion to wise up.

Hmm, this is one of those games that I bought because the gameplay premise was cool, and I like the potential of KUF: Crusaders, but it’s just sat there unopened on my shelf for the last week or so (too busy with Fable: TLC, X-Men Legends II, and Rebelstar). If the multiplayer community for it is still around, I might have to fire this one up soon and check it out.

“WHY-vern?” Are you serious? That’s as disconcerting as when I discovered “forte” (as in “Skeeball is my…”) is pronounced “FORT” not “FOR-tay.”


FOR-tay’ is an accepted pronunciation, partly because that’s how you say it when you’re talking about the musical direction. Yes, technically, the word meaning ‘something you’re skilled at’ is supposed to be pronounced ‘fort’, but all it takes is a few decades of dumbasses doing it wrong to change the language.

Which is why ‘NOO-kya-lerr’ will be an accepted pronunciation in about ten years or so.


One thing good about multiplayer games is the way troop selection can be limited by xp value.

I was only able to find 1000xp games, which consisted of folks have maybe one or two core units with some infantry cannon fodder. It makes for interesting tactical choices – although I wish there was some way to keep people from lamely camping their starting position with sappers tucked back in forests! – yet you can still win and spend xp in different useful ways.


So do you create an “online-only” character that gains xp from these matches, completely separate from the offline game? Or do you create a skirmish character offline, level him up, then bring him into the online matches?

The former. You have an online character who starts with a pool of xp to build his starting forces and then levels up based on experience earned online.


So can you try to “break” the system by making just your character uber-powerful, and bringing crap infantry into battle, and hoping that you can solo power your way through, or do you have to more or less balance it?

Most people I played online were making a single powerful core unit. Also, I think some new players don’t realize that you’re supposed to pick which additional units you want before each battle. Otherwise, your main guy just goes in alone, which isn’t immediately clear when you join a game.

But at any rate, my experience was that you could pretty easily beat a powerful single unit by dogpiling on it, particulalry if you can get it to run through archer fire first.


Dogpile on the wy-vern… dogpile on the wy-vern!


Wow, that’s weird. I have never, ever heard this before. You just completely blew my mind.

KoF:H is the first time I’ve ever heard “wyvern” pronounced like that, too.

Quick! Is the thin stabby sword a rapey-er or a ra-peer? I always thought it was the former, then I encountered someone fairly intelligent who said it the second way.

How in the Hell do you pronounce Slaadi?


And I’ll still mentally refer to it as “wih-vern”, even though all the online dictionaries I double-checked with show it with a “long i” sound. I guess that makes sense considering it’s origin is in Old English for “viper”.

Okay, is it “Drow as in row” or “Drow as in cow”?


I always say “rapey-er,” but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong.

According to, it’s either:

ray pee-ehr, or
rape yehr

Oh, so we’re both right. Wonderful.

Yikes, who ever said “Drow” to ryhyme with “row”? That’s just wrong!


“‘CUH-ven’ sounds like ‘oven’, man, and that’s just…it doesn’t work.”