Kingdoms and Castles (A Fig funded game!)

After @triggercut 's glowing write up for the most recent patch, this game is getting its own thread! I’ve installed it and hope to find some time this week to see what it is like.


Latest patch:

Hey, you’re supposed to be playing the Rise of Industry campaign!! I’ve got 2 days of sale left at Fanatical!
just giving you a hard time :-)

Will do a post over in the Rise of Industry thread, its not worth getting yet. ;)

Thanks, that’s good to know! I wasn’t impressed with the demo.

I did pick up Kingdoms and Castles though.

Good choice! :D

One worry I have is the land masses look fairly small. Is that not a problem in the game?

I highly recommend that new players spam the starting location button repeatedly until they get a large island area with trees, fertile ground, regular stone and even iron.

Later on, smaller islands can be part of a challenge. They definitely add to the difficulty.

I got this during the last Steam sale. Upside was there was lots of fun from what’s there, downside is I burned through what’s there in about a week. I was left wanting more, so a new update is most welcome!

Apparently enemy/rival AIs are in the works. That may really give this game some incredible legs.

I played it a few weeks ago. It’s nice but once I figured out just to build big, tall towers I was all set. The range needs to be nerfed. It’s weird that one set of towers can cover half the island.

I’ve played for several hours today and have a little city of 300+ going. I’ve battled back several waves of dragons and vikings. I’ve run out of fertile land so I need to clear out some trees. I wish there was a way to group select some trees for chopping.

Like @wisefool, I’ve finding tall towers pretty darn effective, especially with the dragons. I probably need some soldiers to slow down the vikings. I’ve got some walls, but I don’t have my town walled off.

I’ll probably keep trying to expand for a bit.

I think I probably expand pretty slowly, but I got my city up to 600 people. I think it took me about 100 game years - 6 real hours. Killed some new enemies. Right now clearing trees is the thing that slows me down the most because I get tired of clicking on them.

I just realized now I can recruit heros. I’m not sure if they are the ones to lead my troops - I finally built a barracks.

I think I’ve had enough of it for now. It was a nice diversion for a while.

Seems that there has been 2 updates in the last few months, anyone try them?

I haven’t tried those yet. It was a fun little game, but I quickly ran out of things to do and shelved it until it had more content.

I played a little with them, and marked it as “to come back to”.

Too many other things pulling my attention, but game keeps getting support and content.

I played one game of this and I think it was after the beautification update. If was fun until it wasn’t :-)

I think I enjoyed about 5 hours of it then it got too repetitive. Clearing forests brought things to a crawl a little bit too.

Warfare Update! Also some QoL features.

Fish and Pigs!

My 4 year old loves watching me play this. I can’t build any towers because she doesn’t want to hurt the dragon.

That is CUTE!