Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is such a lousy name

Wow, I’d honestly love to see more in that world. It’s one of the few games I actually finished.

I can’t remember what platform I used to own it on. Time to fire up GoG Galaxy to find out!

Edit: Neat, according to Galaxy, I own it on Origin, and I played it for 90 minutes 7 years ago.

Oh my. I loved this and would happily re-visit a tarted-up re-issue. If only it were listed as ‘PC’ as well!

If they can decouple the zone leveling lock from the rest of the game (hell, just have it scale directly to player at all times) I’ll be trying this again for sure.

It’s THQ Nordic. Certainly, it’ll be available on all major platforms. See Darksiders 1&2.

That is encouraging. I’d hate for there to be some weird exclusive, timed or otherwise!

I played it on the 360. The first dungeon I entered, I had to back out of it because it was too hard. By the end of the game, I was one-shotting bosses! Leveling was poorly implemented but still a fun game I’d like to play again.

Great news! I really liked this game and started playing it again recently on BC, so now will wait for this.
I wonder what the “refined” gameplay is.

I’m on the other side of the fence with the leveling, I like static level mobs. I enjoy being able to go back to older areas and be overpowered. This game was so variable in terms of what level of power you would be depending on how much side fooling around you did, and what kind of build you were playing, I actually like that.

Screenshots look great.

If this drops on the Switch, I’m in. I played for about as long as @Rock8man and I enjoyed it, but not enough to stick with it apparently. My cousin loved it and by the time I got around to it, I sort of bounced off it. But I know it’s something I should enjoy, so I’ll probably grab it (hopefully on Switch).

It’s broken at 4K (missing text, including a completely blank quest log), and I don’t like running games at below my desktop resolution, so I didn’t make it very far. I bet a remaster would fix that.

Edit: I see I already said that. :P

This is one of those games I played for a dozen hours probably and have always meant to go back to. Maybe this will be the reason to do so, but a lot of recent remasters have not been very encouraging.

I don’t either, but years ago I got used to (and now enjoy) playing games in a Window at their native resolution.

It’s been a long time, but I remember being cautiously positive about Amalur. As I recall, the first five hours were extremely strong, but then the next 20+ hours were just more of the same, without any real changes.

The game really varies wildly depending on what spec, weapons, and crafting you use. It’s entirely possible to make an unkillable, one shotting AOE death machine, it’s also possible to make a kitten that’s been declawed. I stumbled on the death machine on my first playthrough, and it killed any replayability for me which is a shame, because it was pretty fun overall.

Not the AOE part, but you pretty much just described every playthrough of the Elder Scrolls and stealth archery for me. :( Every time I tell myself “Okay, don’t use a bow and stealth this time, dummy” and then before I know it I’m creeping through a dungeon headshotting people with a bow!

Don’t feel bad. Everybody says this, then caps fools as stealth archer anyway. It’s how Bethesda games are built. If you’re not one-shotting mobs from stealth, you aren’t playing them as designed.

And by the way this is official now, no longer a rumor or leak -

ALL its DLC’s - Great. We get to buy them again!