Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is such a lousy name

Ahh - you are correct. Then the DLC issue is my perception. Sorry about that.

I still would be quite wary of how they handle the game itself, again, based on my xbox one experience of the game itself.

That is totally fair. It sounds to have been a mess.

Oh my gosh, it actually says “stunning visuals” in the description. That has to be an industry inside joke by now.

Sir, this is the internet. You do not back down. You do not apologize. You dig in and, by God, you start hurling personal insults if necessary. But you do not back down!

I seem to remember being at 38 hours when I finished it on the 360. I like games that reward me for my grinding by making me an unstoppable demigod at the end. That’s my reward, not some giant boss who’s gonna humble me and make me reload 12 times. :)

Anyway, I liked it a lot and would play a sequel.

Looks like it’s already up for pre-order on Amazon, with a release date of August 18, 2020. And there’s even a PS4 edition, my preferred console of choice. Nice.

If it makes motherfuckers dance in the air at the might of my chakrams I’ll rebuy it.

I seem to remember hearing this was a pleasant but slightly mediocre and generic game. Now that it’s 8 years later and there are another 30,000 new games to play, some of which are amazing, do you guys really want to spend the time?

Yeah, this. I liked KoA when it came out. I played a fair bit of it, and I wished they’d continued development. But it wasn’t some genre-defining classic that I’m pining to replay, not in a universe filled with great games unplayed.

I’m going to go with… Possibly.

If they smooth out the experience a bit I could definitely consider it down the road. Also I got the impression that it sort of got the brush off by a lot people back then, so perhaps they can help that a bit with this.

If it does well maybe there’s a snowballs chance in hell of something new in the setting down the road which definitely did not seem like it would ever happen before.

So who knows?

That was certainly my experience. Fun for a while.

I looked back through the thread and found my initial impressions. First 5 hours I put it in the same sentence as Skyrim. But my memory was good today, as you continue playing it all starts to feel incredibly samey.

Its been a long time since I played this, but I just remember doing most if not all the side quests in the first area and then I made it to the new area, and being offered the exact same quests I had become sick off, only this time the monsters were way below my level. I put it down and never looked back.

I think maybe a better strategy would have been do just stick to the main quest and only do side quests if the main quest was too hard.

You’re bringing up a good point that’s been mentioned before here: KoA doesn’t reward side-quest grinding. If you lawnmower the quests, you’ll burn out pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, as gamers, we’ve been pretty much trained to run our Husqvarnas over everything, and it’s still very very much a thing.

I’ve never found a game like this whose combat felt as good as KoA’s, period. I’ll gladly give it another run.

Correct on the sidequest. IIRCC the idea with the overabundance of side quest was that so you could replay it as adifferent class and do a whole other set of sidequest. Thus keeping it ftesh. Recall this was a precursor to an MMORPG and was built accrdingly. I beleive you could basically skip whole zones. The reality is that one zones fetch quest is another zones fetch quest. I did really enjoy it though and found it a bit underappreciated, prolly dude to all the finacial shenanigans behind it in addition to the Schilling meltdown.

I did buy this game but I barely remember it. Mostly what I recall are two things:

  1. It felt like they tried to make a single-player World of Warcraft. The spammy side quests felt that way to me, anyway. I think I completed the first area and when entering the next one, was greeted with a new “quest hub” with similar quests.
  2. I hated that I could only jump down ledges at certain spots. This one really bothered me for whatever reason.

I’m pretty sure I liked the general gameplay, though. I might be interested in picking this back up and playing through it.

Ew, no. The combat is nothing at all like WoW’s stilted cooldown-fest. It’s solidly an action RPG, but with the most fluid dodge and attack feel I’ve ever encountered.

Sorry, wasn’t referring to the combat which I enjoyed but rather the game structure. Running around doing sidequests felt like running around doing quests in WoW to me.

That was my perception at the time and the main reason I didn’t continue on with the game from what I recall, but I think I only completed the first zone/area so my POV was fairly limited.

Ah, fair enough. I didn’t feel like KoA ever wasted my time, whereas WoW constantly felt like it was wasting my time. Then again, I enjoyed being in KoA’s world a lot more too, which undoubtedly biases me a bit.