King's Bounty 2

It costs $1 on Fanatical.

Ah, I forgot the value of the “add 10 to pay a max $” but looked at the $7.75 CAD it was “regularly” individually. My mistake.

Thanks for this link, guess I’ll be playing Kings Bounty!


What if it goes down to 99 cents 5 years from now?

Forget it, @Stridergg. It’s Crossworldstown. ;)

What class/ideals did you go for? I went the Paladin, who naturally wants to focus on Order. I think my secondary will be Power, though I’ve yet to even unlock tier 2 Order traits!

They really need to fix the limited mana issue. There is a finite amount of mana in the game and it is used for learning, upgrading and casting spells. I would recommend staying away from Mage until it’s fixed.

Also updates:

Greetings, Hunters for King’s Bounty! Over the past week, we have received many reports and messages from you on improving the game. First of all, we would like to say once again: thanks for your help, responsiveness, and patience!

Our team has carefully checked everything, and now it is time to reveal some of our plans for updating the game. Soon, we will release the first hotfix, which will bring the following changes:

The speed of all three main characters' movements (on a horse, too) will increase.
You will be able to perform certain actions on a horse without dismounting (trade-in items, opening chests, and much more).
Quicksave and quick-load.
More gold in the Royal Lands.
Final twist of the story campaign fix.
Some changes in balance and minor bugs.
And other things.

Short note:
most likely, the update will first appear on the PC and a little later on consoles, but we will inform you about it later.

Also, in the next patches, we plan to add new difficulty levels, customize controller settings, the ability to speed up animation in battle, general UI/UX improvements and game optimization on all platforms, a photo mode, a separate in-game tab with all the notes, books, etc., and much more.

Oh cool I didn’t see that. I hadn’t noticed a mana issue, obviously since I’m not playing Mage. I also have yet to really struggle with gold, even without the bonus gold trait. I guess if you lose a lot of troops often it may be a gradual death sentence?

Speed boost is most welcome, as is performing actions on the horse. I hope they also remove that odd delay that occurs between mounting and moving. I still really want enemy strength tooltips on the map! :)

They also said this about future patches:

Also, in the next patches, we plan to add new difficulty levels, customize controller settings, the ability to speed up animation in battle, general UI/UX improvements and game optimization on all platforms, a photo mode, a separate in-game tab with all the notes, books, etc., and much more.


I’ve started as a Mage but then I wanted to see what it’s like to play as a Knight (my usual alt-itis :)) , liked it and decided to continue as a Knight. My main focus is Order and Power but I learned lvl1 in all Magic schools as well, for fun. IMO buffs/debuffs are very useful for all characters.

Also, I am playing with this mod that adds Sprint (who in their right mind would want to WALK when pressing Shift in this game, jeez):

My usual problem in KB games is that I stick with the same army for most of the game. :) At least this one forces me to move up in tiers but I am still using mostly Order units, except for Eagles, I really like Eagles for their speed, they are my ninja unit :) Plus Order units are good against undead, which I’ve been fighting a lot lately. Still, I am thinking about switching to Power army but I am afraid to spend gold. :)

As for the Mage, mana is only a problem if you decide to upgrade all spells in all schools to the max. And finish off enemy units with expensive spells. If you upgrade responsibly, you should be fine. Yes, there is a finite amount of mana but also a finite amount of enemies, leadership and gold. Mana is a resource and it needs to be managed.

I haven’t gotten there in my crossworlds game, but usually I run out of some troop type for my army and end up looking at switching out the whole thing because there is some other combination of units that is now going to be more powerful. I’ve always liked this about the game. I don’t want to switch out my army all the time, but the limited troop counts eventually kind of force you to. Not sure what it’s like in KB2, somebody should really start a thread for that game rather than distracting us in this here Crossworlds thread.

In KB2 troops don’t run out, the limit is gold. You can get all your losses back after every battle by spending gold on the spot. When your leadership goes up, you can go to a vendor to stock up to full capacity. Each type has a hard-capped max you can have in your army though.

Yeah and I think I like this hard cap idea - you can’t have 100 pikemen in your army. Once you reach the cap, your leadership might go up but you cannot hire more pikemen, which forces you to find a higher tier replacement for them. It helps me to shake up my gameplay a bit and find new compositions.

In KB2, some troops do run out though, at least temporarily. You might find a vendor that sells, for example, 5 golems and once you buy them, he doesn’t sell them anymore. Usually, it’s a higher tier, more powerful troops that are limited this way. And also usually, later on, you find another vendor that sells unlimited number of these troops.

Sorry for bringing up KB 2 in this thread :)

Does the game still want you to go back to troop sellers all the time?

Not really. The reserve is unlimited now, so you can always buy additional troops and store them in the reserve. You will only need them when your leadership grows enough to allow for more troops. Regular losses can be replenished by paying gold in the after battle screen, unless your “wounded” troops have been killed for good by the enemy’s abilities, which is very rare so far.

[edit] Oh and even if you do want to go back to the vendor, it’s not that big of a deal thanks to the fast travel system and the speed mod I’ve linked to above.

I’ll second this. There’s good gameplay here.

And for the much criticized story part there is to say: If you like (for whatever reason… - I do and I really don’t know why) the sorts of Elex or Greedfall you will enjoy this. There is something about these B-Movies-games, their graphics and tone that draws me in (without defending its obvious flaws or knowhing why).

They’re patching all the speeds, apparently in a week, two max.

This sounds like a huge improvement on earlier games. I installed CW again and am already sick of backtracking after a few hours.

And CW is a huge improvement over The Legend in that regard, cause you can fast travel between maps as soon as you’re on a boat. Yeah, this is a big issue with those games. I suspect no losses runs exist just to evade backtracking!

Yes I installed CW a few days ago as I was curious whether I had played CW or AP. Even though GOG says I have played 224 hours I can’t be sure as already some of the units available on the opening island don’t appear familiar to me.

Available units and enemy troops are randomized on the game start.

I like the game. But I wish there was more battle music.
The standart theme is reaaaallly boring. Just some drums playing :(