King's Bounty 2

I loved King’s Bounty and it’s follow up stand-alone games, loved them, and missed them terribly, so this is fantastic news. Utterly, amazing. 2020!?!?! Sigh. Well, something to look forward to!

I know what you mean, but I can’t help myself - the original creators weren’t Katauri:


Also, as a huge fan of both the 1990 original and Katauri’s revived series (at least the first couple) this is good news!

Yup, I think it’s been long enough that I don’t even need this to be amazing, just something new in the vein of the games from ten years ago would be absolutely swell.

I really liked the King’s Bounty games, fun HoMM-like romps that didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Haha yeah same. I wonder what Katauri are doing now? Still that 2D-style free-to-play MMO thing?

Glad we’re finally having the sixth game in the series, Kings Bounty 2!

But what I see now is switch from a very cozy cartoonish fantasy to a serious realistic graphics. Not sure if I like it.

They also seem to ditch the idea of you walking around with 5000 peasants and 200 dragons. Hmm.

Are those zombies in that trailer?

I don’t like these new graphics. No sir, I don’t like it.

Can someone please tell me what they’re smoking/coding that requires a minimum of 16GB RAM for this game? I mean, I have it, but only about 40% of Steam accounts do (and at the same time, they’re okay with a 470GTX?!?).

Me neither, where’s all the personality gone? This looks like Generic Fantasy: The Movie: The Game. But hey, if they nail the gameplay…

Come on, they just remade this game!

[Checks internet… Learns King’s Bounty: The Legend released in 2007].

OK, maybe it’s time for a new take on the franchise.

I don’t like the new graphics either. My bigger fear is that a visual shift is indicative of tone shift as well. King’s Bounty: The Legend was not quite lighthearted, but was whimsical with a sense of humor, in addition to being outright bizarre at times (why not marry a zombie?). If it loses its quirks, it could lose its appeal as well.

Less than a month after this thread was bumped…

@alekseivolchok is clearly a viral marketer drumming up interest in the series!


I’m pretty sure 1C is just the publisher and they have several development teams. I seem to remember that they published the Katauri KB games and then when they left they also published the others using a different developer studio from their stable.

My suspicion is that they aren’t using the same developer that did the last few games and are going with someone new. Then again, they were using the editor and tools developed by Katauri so we’ll just have to see. Overall, I hope this is good news but I’m not a big fan of the art style. I might feel better once we learn who the studio developing it is.

I’d be happier if they kept the more stylistic art, but I at least this more realistic style at least seems like it will be well done.

This was my first thought after double checking the date on the first post. We never hit #2? I guess not. Pretty sure I played three or four of these games and loved them, but by the end I was pretty burned out on all the minor updates. Glad to see it’s at least a new engine.

Cruel gods have punished me for my interest in the series by making it look indistinguishable from trailers of the last 2 Might & Magic Heroes games.

It’s not clear at all where does it go. Narrative and combat screenshots make me think that it’s more like Battle Brothers, you’ll have persistent squads that develop on their own. I can understand them wanting to go away from that approach of gathering thousands of units with almost every race providing you with a couple of stereotypical units, but there’s nothing quite like it anymore. Even games like Age of Wonders that look like good old Heroes went the other way and represent races in a broader way.

It wouldn’t be right to criticize them for not doing the same stuff they’ve been doing for more than a decade, but it seemed to work.

Burning up is a problem with the series, yes. Even if you like all the tactical combat there’s a lot of it. Achievements/medals help by giving you some optional stuff to do in each fight but still you have to embrace the combat system as the game doesn’t have any of those simple filler fights, it’s all intensive tactical goodness from start to finish.

They ask if I will fight for my king. As long as its the lich king, then I am all in.