King's Bounty - Warriors of the North

I’m ready for more King’s Bounty.

Looks like more of the same–which is good, since I like the King’s Bounty games.

So am I, but … WHEN?! Their teaser doesn’t mention anything about a release date.

As much as I love King’s Bounty, I’m ready for a true sequel. I was hoping the next entry in the series would be that sequel, rather than yet another campaign pack.

I’ll probably still pick it up (I have all the others), but I might have an issue buying it day one and paying full retail price for what so far seems to amount to a mere add-on to the games I already own. I’ll be paying special attention to it though, just to see if anything about the title surprises me leading up to release.

I could get into this. I stalled on AP maybe 80% or so through it, once I got to the point where I was really only constrained by my ability to cast resurrect or go buy more troops (I hate time limits, but I feel like KB needs some extra tension in there to prevent it from being tedious.) I couldn’t kill everything yet, but I knew it was just a matter of time. I know there are ways to make the game harder for yourself, but those don’t seem all that interesting to me.

New islands, new units, etc. to reset the exploration elements would make it fun again.

Oh hell yeah, I’m in.

I love King’s Bounty. I’ll buy whatever they are selling.

Want. Now.

It definitely looks good.

All the others, huh?
Isn’t there just the original game and Armored Princess, though?
I thought Crossworlds was pretty much only a combo pack with a couple of bonus levels thrown in.

Edit: Oh, about the actual product at hand … I don’t need a full fledged sequel, but so far, their school of design makes me think I’ll pass on this one.
To me, even the original game was too tough, I couldn’t press on when I’d reached that dragon labyrinth, and from what I understand AP was even harder.
So, I’ll definately wait for some feedback.


Its a an updated version of the game, so there’s 3 all in all - I have them all as well.

I just noticed this thread/announcement and am glad to hear another KB is coming along. I’m heading back to playing AP in Crossworlds after never having a chance to get into it when I bought it last year. Loved the original KB, even though it was pretty tough in places.

Sweet! I am so in.

Any date yet?

Closest appoximation I’ve seen given:

The game is going to be released this autumn.
1CComp in reply to misterioes89 2 weeks ago

In the Youtube Comments.

These games are so amazing. I feel the same fondness for them that I do for Master of Orion and Heroes of Might and Magic.

Oh yeah!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these games. Coming out this Fall? Fantastic!

Yeah, I’m with you guys. The King’s Bounty series has become an instant classic as far as I’m concerned and I can’t wait for my next fix, especially when Crossworlds was so disappointing in terms of new content.

I really like these games but I always Wished you had more of a theme instead of the mish mash of troops you accumulated. I want to be able to pick say, an undead leader which would make me use mostly undead troops. Just makes it a bit more interesting for me.