Kingsman: The Golden Circle


That was an all around great interview. Vaughn is my favourite presentday director along with Nolan for sure.


My son saw it opening night in the UK. His thorough, introspective take on the film? “Okay, that was an awesome movie.”

Take that for what you will.


I’m glad I’ve managed to avoid all the previews. It wasn’t easy for this movie. Even though people wondered at my ability to avoid all previews for the movie “It”, I honestly never saw one and didn’t have to avoid one. For Kingsman, I had to change the channel or turn off the TV, or switch the Xbox to something else a dozen times or more because a Kingsman preview was on. Especially during Sunday’s football games during the last couple of weeks.


I’ve yet to even see the beginning of a trailer for either movie. It’s really quite easy if 90% of your media is streaming services and rented DVDs.


Saw this yesterday. Sooooo much fun.


I was pretty disappointed in this movie. It has several great scenes in it, but on the whole, it just left me feeling I’d wasted my time.


Yeah, comes out in Blu-ray next week. CAN’T WAIT.


Meh, a bit too much John for me. Elton and Denver.

Not bad, but it lacked the manic spark of the first movie.


I watched the first film on telly the other week, can’t say I saw any manic spark. It seemed very pedestrian.


Watched K2 last night and thought it was a terrible mess, although the first ten minutes were very fun.


What really irked me the most is that you bring back a beloved character who is the heart and soul of the franchise, but then you pretty much just waste him. The villain just annoyed me, even though I love Julianne Moore. I don’t know, it just wasn’t satisfying in any way. Even the car chase at the top went unrealistic and over-the-top so early that I didn’t really get into it. I think if you stay realistic as long as possible, and then at the end you go crazy, that’s a more effective technique.


I loved this movie, one of my favorites of the year (pretty much tied with John Wick 2). So stupid silly fun.


Yeah, there’s something about the sequel that is just … off.

John Wick is another series that strides between believable and semi-believable more fluidly. K2 seemed so very “look how krrrrazy I am” from the get-go that it was hard to take any of it seriously.


Seriously? What? This movie? C’mon.


The first movie ended with the protagonist bangbanging the crown princess of Sweden’s farthole.

Some degree of mental relaxation is necessary to enjoy the subject matter at hand.


I thought the first one is kind of meh already. idk, Johnny English or Get Smart is probably more subversive of the Bond genre than Kingsman.



Kingsman 1 was a comedian being funny.

Kingsman 2 is a comedian asking you, over and over, to look at how funny he is!

It felt like it was trying way too hard. Plus too many Johns. Plus the american kingsman thing felt off. Plus the boring butterfly guy part.


Yeah, Kingsman had its over the top action bits, and that church scene, but overall it left me somewhat cooler than most here. Not bad, but not something I feel compelled to watch again either.


I just picked up the Steelbook case for this, the artwork is very cool. I liked the movie but I didn’t think it was as good as the first one.


Terrible movie. The first scraped by with the coming of age story. They had nowhere to take the characters in the second.