Kirby's epic yarn - where to next?

Me and my 7 daughter finished and are now trying to go through the bonus / hidden levels. It was her first platformer. When we started she was hanging most of the time behind me and wouldn’t fight the bosses because they scared her. By the end she was clearing levels with the neighbor’s kid handing after her, and she whaled on Yin Yarn while I was busy spraying diamonds.

So, what would be our next co-op platformer? The only ones I’m aware of are Mario bros and the new Donkey kong, but I’m afraid they may be too hard for us. Any suggestions?

What platform?

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is exclusive to Wii, so I’m guessing Neo Geo.

While NSMB Wii is indeed quite a bit harder than Kirby, if she’s having a tough time, she can turn into a bubble (press A) and float through the difficult stuff. That’s how my 4 year old played.

Mario Galaxy can be played 2player where the second players basically picks up stars that appear around the screen while the other player controls Mario. I guess it could be a soft introduction to the game, and then let her control Mario after having seen you play.

First off I’m going to say Donkey Kong Country returns is going to be too hard for her. It’s the hardest Wii platformer I’ve played that wasn’t something I downloaded from their online store.

If you are going to go the Galaxy route get Super Mario galaxy 2, it’s a better game, and has a much better second player implementation. There’s just more for them to do in order to feel useful.

The early parts of the side scroller New Super Mario Bros Wii should be doable for her, but you’ll probably be carrying her through the later parts (and probably most boss fights), because they can ramp up in difficulty significantly for a 7 year old new to the genre.

We played Mario Galaxy. Its nice but we want something fully co-op so I’ll skip MG2 for now. NSMB seems to be the ticket but any other suggestions are welcome (we’ll need something for after NSMB).

How about any of the LEGO games? Those are fully coop and pretty forgiving.

Speaking from personal experience the only problem I foresee with the Lego games is that they aren’t fun or challenging at all for adults, so it might be difficult to maintain interest unless you’re capable of doing so vicariously. Then again, my experience is limited to the ones based around Star Wars, the others might actually be good games for all I know.

No, the others are even worse than the Star Wars games.

I got some good recommendations in this thread, not sure how well the coop aspect exists in them.

Thanks - Its hard to sift SP only games there. For anyone who is interested, here’s a short list of Wii coop games.