Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


How did I miss this movie in theaters?
How did this thing not make a hojillion dollars?
How did it not get its own qt3 thread until now?

This movie rocks; it’s honestly the best thing I’ve seen in a year. A nice mishmash of genres with snappy dialog (reminiscent of Aaron Sorkin at points) and great performances. Go netflix it now!


I too loved it and I too wondered about the lack of Qt3 threadness. I can’t wait to listen to the commentary track.


Agreed, it’s a fun movie, and the Val is especially entertaining. Crazy that it’s from the same guy that wrote the Lethal Weapon movies.


I think it was a pretty low profile, limited release. Thought it was great.


Weird, I just watched this the other day. Very enjoyable movie.


I saw it like 5 months ago. Good stuff.


Eh. I thought it was too cute for its own good. I was with it until about 3/4th of the way through and then just had enough.


Shane Black writes the best snappy dialogue ever. That said, I prefer The Long Kiss Goodnight and The Last Boy Scout for my money. KKBB felt a little too quick and plastic. Though still better than most of what’s in theaters, lest I give the wrong impression.


Maybe maybe the the stupid stupid title title turned turned people people off off.


Jeff’s been trying to sell me on this, but the fact that Shane Black wrote Long Kiss Goodnight and Last Boy Scout [b]and[/b] The Monster Squad wins me over.

That he was Hawkins in Predator is just icing.


I rented it about a month ago. Great movie. I need to buy it.


Weird. I rented this about a week ago as well. It was fun. It’s hard for me to think of a single thing I’ve seen Robert Downy Jr. in that I disliked.




Okay, I’ll set’em up, you knock’em down.


I rented this earlier in the year – or I thought I did, and instead got another movie of the same name. I liked Stellan Skarsgård’s character – he was like Grady Tripp from Wonder Boys, except he was a burned-out assassin instead of a burned-out author. Unfortunately Chris Penn played a mewling man-child who learns about love and life … ugh. Would have been a nice little sleeper without Penn making big googly eyes and pretending to cry. Still looking forward to the Downey/Kilmer one.


American action film done as it should be done. It was a pity Shane Black went missing for so many years, although the commercial failure of KKBB probably dooms his return. The viewing public suck…


I loved this as well - rented it about a month ago. I like Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer but man did Michelle Monaghan look amazing in this. I thought it was a fun twist on the classic film noir PI story.


Meh. I thought the prequel was far better.


I wasn’t expecting anything from this, so I was pleasantly suprised. I nearly died laughing when he was caught unaware by the dead body.


So you’re saying it should’ve been named “Kiss Bang”?