Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


The Long Kiss Goodnight happened.


I finished watching this movie this morning. What a great movie.

i had this on my wishlist since I watched and enjoyed Iron Man 3, and people said it was just like this movie.

The biggest surprise to me, then, was the fact that this movie was NOT like Iron Man 3 in one very key way: Robert Downing Jr’s character in this one is so different from Tony Stark’s arrogant ass. He’s a bit of a doofus, and a boy scout, and yet a scoundrel. I loved him in it, and I loved the movie.


Oh yeah, it’s great.

It’s a pity Shane Black doesn’t make films more frequently. Unless he does and I just haven’t been aware of them…


Was this a DVD rental? what venue were you watching this on?


A friend of mine lent me his DVD. So yeah, I’d been waiting for it to show up on streaming somewhere for a long time too, ever since Iron Man 3, but it hasn’t happened yet.

No wait, Amazon Prime has it, apparently:

But I don’t have that part of Prime. I just have the free 2 day shipping through a legacy setup.


He seems to be working pretty steadily. Iron Man, Nice Guys, and now a Predator reboot, right?



Oh, I didn’t know he did Nice Guys.





This is my go-to-standard for a comedy film.

If a person doesn’t like or understand this movie, then they should completely disregard my picks for comedy.

My former roommate and I still call each other and talk almost in quotes from this movie.

"Yeah. Talking monkey. Ugly little thing. Can only say the word “ficus.”