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I am sitting here with my girlfriend, and we just had this conversation after watching a Youtube video of the old Kiss playing “Cold Gin”, which had popped up on my list of recommendations and I clicked it out of nostalgia:

ME: "Y’know, Kiss had some really great songs on their early albums. They were simple, catchy…
HER: “Yeah, but the Eagles had much better music, and the lyrics actually had meaning.”
ME: “What?!? What do the Eagles have to do with anything I just said? Where did you pull that out of?”
HER: “You said Kiss had some really great songs, and I was just pointing out that the Eagles were much better.”
ME: “Yeah, but…I mean, I’m not even disagreeing, but…apples and oranges, man.”
HER: “Perfectly valid comparison.”
ME: “Is it though?”
ME: [-Bright Idea-] "I’m gonna do a poll on Quarter To Three.
HER: “Don’t you dare!”
ME: “Why not? You said it was a perfectly valid–”
HER: “I will not let you slander the Eagles’ good name by putting them in a poll with fucking Kiss!”

And so here we are.


KISS vs Eagles

wtf no


Can I vote for The Phantom of the Park?

True story:

We were at a pool party several years back when a woman I barely knew, a co-worker of our host, suggested we all go to a particular bar that night. Why?

She: “Because bal bla bla, a KISS cover band is playing and it/s only $10 to get in”.
Me: “I wouldn’t pay $10 to see the real fucking thing”.


I fuckin’ love the Eagles, man. I will go to bat for those sons of bitches any day.


Yeah the Eagles are a real freaking band of actual musicians with some incredible songs, especially those written by Jackson Browne.

Kiss? I mean, are you serious?

EDIT Wow I just read the OP (I had voted and then scrolled down) and … well, what your gf said.


EDIT: That came out crankier than it needed to be.

I do not like the Eagles one tiny bit. :)


If I was going to a large concert venue I would pick KISS, but if I was playing music on my music player at home or in my car, I would pick the Eagles. KISS was great in concert, but otherwise their music sucked.


The Eagles only have one good song.

KISS has a pinball machine.

The choice is clear.


The Eagles Greatest Hits was in my parents record collection so its just old peoples music and for some reason KISS were never big in the UK. I only really ever came across them in adverts in comics.


I always wondered how the Eagles were popular, despite them only having a single tolerable song. And now I know: mental illness?


Get the fuck out of my cab. ;)

Love the Eagles. Love.


My total is zero, so I’m truly wondering what this one good song it. Please don’t say Hotel California.

Actually, this is my favorite Eagles song:


As a native Philadelphian who hates sports, this song makes me want to punch a baby. And you.


And yet The Eagles: Greatests Hits is the best selling album of all time. Helluva feat to pull off with only one good song. Go figure.


I don’t care for either but wouldn’t really compare the two, seem to be different kinds of bands.


I never loved either band, but I know for a fact that Kiss influenced shitloads of artists that I absolutely love so they win by default in my book.


Man, but Kiss though - they’re like the Monkees of metal!


One Of These Nights?


I can take it. Spare the baby.


Not if it’s a baby born in Philadelphia. They might become a sports fan.